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My relationship with teen dramas goes back a long, long way.  I remember watching the pilot of 90210 and thinking about why Minnesota is ALWAYS portrayed as being in the sticks.  My high school and college years were defined by Dawson’s Creek and Felicity.  I figured that once I got married I was just too old to find pleasure in the genre, but I have a TV-related confession to make.
I love One Tree Hill. 
And I’ve brought TTO over to the dark side.
It started innocently enough.  I caught a few episodes on SOAPnet.  Then I started watching the current season as it aired while still catching up on back episodes.  During the last season it became must watch television for me.  Then I noticed that the DVR had been set to tape each new episode.  TTO had been caught up too.
TV blogging isn’t normally my gig, but after last night’s episode I just can’t help myself.
I knew something bad was going to happen to Q, but I was completely shocked with what went down at the end of last week.  And this week, well I think I cried more during last night’s episode than I have during an hour of TV in a very, very long time.  I promise it’s not the pregnancy hormones, TTO was just as moved.  While OTH has dealt with death before, Q’s was such a crushing blow.  I don’t think I can do it justice, but there is a scene between Jamie and Q’s little brother that just tore my heart to shreds.  I was also a little surprised that they had Q’s mother say that her inspiration comes from Jesus Christ and her strength from faith.  This touched me in particular because it rang so true.  Generally TV shows, especially teen dramas, don’t mention anything about belief or faith and if they do it is way over the top ala 7th Heaven.  Then there was Deb going to Skills’ side at the risk of their relationship being found out because she knew he needed her.  And Jamie putting Q’s cape on the coffin.  Oops, tearing up again.  Really, even if you have no intention of being a regular viewer, you should still seek out this episode.
In order to break up the tension, TTO cracked a few Hot Pockets jokes.  The actor that plays (played, boo!) Q does the commercials as seen here.  His version of the jingle is ALMOST as funny as Jim Gaffigan’s.
Overall the storylines this season have been really entertaining.  Nanny Carrie scares me half to death – makes me rethink the nanny option for our little guy, but I’m pretty sure Auntie Alice isn’t a complete whackjob!  I love the unexpected connection between Deb and Skills and can’t wait to see how it plays out.  Dan is FINALLY getting what he deserves, yet you still feel a little sorry for him.  SIDE NOTE:  The actor that plays Dan, Paul Johannsen, also played John Sears on several episodes of 90210. END NOTE  I’m sure they’re saving the Peyton/Lucas wedding for sweeps and I always love a good TV wedding.  Except for Nathan and Haley’s redo where all of the colors clashed.  That really irritated me.  I want to know who is behind Brooke’s attack – I feel like her situation and Q’s are going to be intertwined somehow.
Sure there are certain things I dislike – Peyton is a bit too whiny, Haley can be very self-righteous and Lucas bugs the ever-living crap out of me.  (Seriously how is Chad Michael Murray the ‘star’ of this show?  He’s the worst actor of the bunch AND I do not find him attractive at all.)  I’m also sad that Mouth and Millie moved to Omaha.  ADDITIONAL SIDE NOTE:  If you watched Boy Meets World, Minkus and Mouth are one and the same. END ADDITIONAL NOTE
These feelings are offset by the fact that Skills Taylor is one of the better characters on TV right now.  I’m SO glad they kept him around.  Brooke Davis kicks serious ass and is a good role model for reformed bad girls.  Nathan isn’t nearly as annoying as he used to be.  And I sincerely hope our boy is as awesome at 5 as Jamie Scott.  Now if only they would bring back Jake Jagielski.  Sigh.
If you aren’t watching, you should.  Monday nights at 8 central on the CW following Gossip Girl. 

Thank you so much for coming out of the dark internet shadows and showing yourselves!  I wanted to think about my responses for a few days so I could give really great answers (or maybe I just didn’t feel like writing over the weekend?).

Up first is the lovely Laurel.  She asked:

What was your favorite outfit in 8th grade?
When I think back to the things I wore in junior high I just cringe (as I’m sure most of us do). I don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one outfit. I had lots of winners. Ones that stick out include:

  • A neon pink, oversized Harvard sweatshirt that was worn with tapered leg jeans, matching neon pink socks and white Keds.
  • A white thermal bodysuit with a hood and baggy navy blue jeans.
  • A blue and white striped babydoll dress under an oversized white sweater that had a collar.

Eighth grade was apparently the year of things that were oversized, because I also remember wearing many baggy t-shirts tucked into tapered jeans and a lot of my dad’s flannel shirts.  Um, he’s 6’2″.  I really don’t know what I was thinking.  I’m heading to Hometown this weekend for a baby shower so I might have to dig through old photos and provide some photographic evidence.

Question #2 comes from Awesome! Audrey:

If you do decide to get a tattoo, what are you thinking it might be? And where would you get it?
If you had asked the Anna of 10 years ago, her answer, without question, would have been a butterfly on the lower back. Oh yes, I wanted a tramp stamp (back before I knew what that was, of course). I sincerely loved butterflies though and still do, just not quite as much. If I were to get a tattoo RIGHT NOW I would likely choose a small, pretty heart with TTO’s first initial in it (FYI – it’s not T) just below my left hip bone. Don’t ask me why I’d choose that spot because I can’t explain it. Sidenote: I was thisclose to getting a tattoo on my 21st birthday and J was adamantly against it. He told me if I got a tattoo not only would he have to break up with me, it was possible that we could no longer even be friends. It probably said a lot for the state of our relationship that I wanted the tattoo EVEN MORE after he said that.

Dynamic Danielle wanted to know:

Do you have any piercings anywhere besides your ears?
Sadly, no. I do have two holes in each ear and I had a cartilage piercing for a while (it’s closed up), but I’m pretty tame when it comes to piercings. I went to a slumber party in junior high where all the girls pierced their belly buttons. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt like a wuss, but when they all got nasty infections a few days later I was really glad I’d chickened out. My mom and my sister both have their noses pierced and it looks great on them, but I don’t think I could ever pull it off. However, I’ve been really intrigued by eyebrow rings lately…

Enigmatic Erin asked:

How do you feel about cheese?
You can’t grow up this close to Wisconsin and not love cheese. I have no less than 5 different kinds in the fridge at any given moment. While it’s lovely to eat, did you know that cheese can also be used as an effective revenge tactic?

In high school my best friend really liked this guy. Said guy was a complete jerk to her for no apparent reason. Said guy also kept his sunroof open during the school day. One afternoon while talking with Mamacita about the general jerkiness of said guy she suggested pulling a prank. We racked our brains for ideas until Mamacita came up with the perfect one. We drove to the deli, purchased the stinkiest hunk of cheese they had and then made our way to the school. When we got there we were really close to backing out of our plan, but Mamacita had come along for the ride and wasn’t about to let us give up. She grabbed the cheese, threw it in the sunroof and we sped off. The cheese melted and from what I hear it took several professional cleanings to get the smell out.

I feel really guilty about this now because jerky guy has turned into a decent human being. Save this one for someone you REALLY despise.

Lurky LS inquired:

Would you rather wear a Christmas sweater with spandex pants and leg warmers everyday but have great hair and a beautiful face or have the latest and greatest in expensive trendy clothes with a frizzy perm, thick glasses, and a full set of braces?
Because I have so been there with the frizzy hair and thick glasses, I’m going to have to go with the Christmas sweater outfit on this one. I just hope the sweater will be long enough to cover up my spandex-clad hips and rear end. My hair was completely crazy for a good 10 years and I don’t ever want to go back to that if I can avoid it. Again, I’ll have to provide the photographic evidence next week.

Mysterious Miss Squirrel asked a tough one:

What’s the best gift you have ever received?
I have to divide this into two parts. My favorite gift as a child and my favorite gift as an adult. My favorite childhood gift was a wooden kitchen set that my dad made completely by himself. It was awesome. There was a metal bowl for the sink and plexiglass behind a hole provided a window into the oven. My mom spent several months saving up cereal boxes and other various containers so my kitchen would be stocked. Unfortunately, my play kitchen was one of the casualties of the flood of 1998. I was really sad that it had to be disposed. I’m hoping that if I ever have a daughter I can talk my dad into making another one.
My favorite adult gift would have to be my engagement ring. TTO picked it out entirely on his own and did a fantastic job. It is 100% me. Even after almost four years I look at it every day and smile. And the ring meant that I got to spend the rest of my days with a guy that makes me smile every day.

Sweet Suzanne is a mind reader:

What are your future career plans? Have you made any headway on that front?
I have a final interview for an awesome opportunity in about 2.5 hours. I don’t want to jinx anything so I’ll tell you more about it later this week – good or bad.

Radiant -R- made me sad:

What is your favorite song right now?
Why does this make me sad? Well, there was a time when I was really into music. I loved finding new artists and songs. I even tossed around the idea of pursuing a career in the music industry. Those were the days of downloading songs for free. These days my musical exposure is pretty limited. I got an iPod Nano for Christmas that is still in the box. I am so excited to have it, but it scares me a little too. I could really use some recommendations for artists to check out. However, that doesn’t really answer your question does it? Currently the song that I’m most excited to hear on the radio is Realize by Colbie Caillat. I like it much better than her first song.

Rule-breaker RA asked TWO questions:

What is your favorite form of potato?
I firmly believe that every little spud goes to bed dreaming about becoming a hot, crispy, salty McDonald’s french fry.


Would you describe yourself as a country or a city mouse and why?
This is a tough, tough question for me. I grew up in a very small town, but never really felt like I fit in. Then I went to college in a bigger (not huge) city and that felt a lot better but it still wasn’t a perfect fit (probably due more to the school itself than to the city). I guess I probably lean towards city mouse. I like the variety of people and convenience of having everything you need nearby. TTO is definitely a country mouse so we split the difference and bought a house on the far edge of an outer suburb. It works for us.

Thanks for playing along everyone! It was fun.

I was tagged by the lovely Suzanne for the following meme. 

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Anna:

1.  I carry a small kernel of dried corn in my purse.  I found it in one of TTO’s pockets after he’d been working down on the farm.  I like having a tangible reminder of him with me all the time. 

2.  I have never been dumped.  That is not to say I’ve never had my heart broken or felt rejection.  It’s just that in every relationship I’ve been in, I’ve been the one to officially end things.  I think it’s just as hard to be the dumper as it is to be the dumpee.

3.  I have extremely sensitive feet.  I inherited this from my dad.  I used to have to wear socks (even with sandals!) all the time because my feet hurt if they were in direct contact with shoes, the floor and especially grass or sand.  I was finally able to start wearing flip flops a few years ago and I can be barefoot outside now.  However, pedicures are still extremely difficult for me.  I get them because I like how my toes look afterwards but the process is not fun or relaxing.

4.  When I was in the second grade my CCD (like Catholic Sunday School) teacher told us that there was no Santa Claus.  I think a few of the kids already knew, but I still believed.  My parents were PISSED.  My sister was only a baby at the time and my mom gave me an extremely stern warning that I better not ruin it for her.  I didn’t.  In fact, part of me still believes.  Maybe not in a fat guy in a red suit, but definitely that there is a special magic that surrounds Christmas.

5. I have freakishly strong thumbs.  Just ask TTO.  When we were first dating we had a lot of thumb wars (innocent excuse to hold hands maybe?).  I won a lot of the time even though his hands are much bigger than mine.  I also have very long, thin fingers.  My grandpa once told me that I had stenographer’s hands.  I had to ask my mom what that meant (I was fairly young), but it’s still one of my most cherished compliments.  He was a man of few words so the fact that he noticed and said something to me really meant a lot.

6.  You know how people say “I’ve never won anything!” when they win radio station prizes?  I can’t say that.  I entered a drawing at our town fair when I was a kid and won a stuffed pig and an autographed picture of someone I didn’t know.  I also won free textbooks for a semester when I was in college.  That was awesome.

7.  I don’t play favorites.  I hate when people ask me to tell them my favorite movie, song, color, food, Backstreet Boy, etc.  I am extremely non-committal.  Today my favorite color is blue, but tomorrow it could very well be yellow.  There are just too many options.  I don’t want to limit myself by saying this or that is the best of all. You might call this indecisive. I say it’s open-minded.   

I know I’m supposed to tag another 7 people, but I’ve decided not to do that. I like being tagged, but I know that not everyone does so I’ll leave it open ended. If you decide to do it, let me know!

Okay, this isn’t the NaBloPoMo post I promised, rather it is something random that I’m trying to figure out.

Last night I had a dream that involved Perez Hilton, John Mayer and my ex-boyfriend.  Basically Perez invited me to a secret John Mayer concert and my ex was trying to keep me from going.  I was trying to escape him.  First in a limo, then in a white Jeep Commander and finally in a helicopter.  Then TTO had him arrested.  I can’t remember if I made it to the concert or not.

Anyone good at dream interpretation?  I could use some help here.

Before I get to today’s post I have one small housekeeping note.  If you’ve commented in the last few days and haven’t received an e-mail from me, would you please let me know?  I try to respond to everyone but my e-mail has been acting weird since late last week and I don’t think all of my messages have gone through.  Thanks!

Moving on….

I’ll try not to ramble too much about the weekend, here are the high points:

We had a disastrous date night dinner which was followed by a vow to stay away from chain restaurants for the foreseeable future (agreed upon exceptions include Panera and Culver’s).

Washed all of our windows inside and out and did an insane amount of yard work while TTO was working on Saturday.  Am an awesome wife.

Went out to a bar in Hometown to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  While there I was accosted by a “sexy” policewoman.  Turns out it was my old neighbor.  I used to change her diapers.  I wanted to throw my coat over her and take her home.  When did I get so old?

In the car on the way home from said bar one of the mix CDs I talked about on Friday came on.  Since TTO’s musical tastes are much more discerning than mine I thought it would be fun to play Who Sings This Song.  He wasn’t doing too well (because most of the songs are so old and bad) until, “Tick tock you don’t stop, stop, to the heart.”* 

TTO: (Turning down the volume) “Would you like to hear a fact?”
Me: (Was he president of the fan club? Is he related to them some how?) I would love to hear a fact!
TTO: When I was eleven I spent the night with my cousins and was able to watch SNL for the first time. This band was the musical guest.
Me: That’s…disappointing.
TTO: I know.    

Trekked to the outlet mall with M on Sunday.  I was looking for a new swimsuit for our Mexico trip and in the first store found four bins labeled “Swimsuits $1.99”.  Score, right?  Not so much.  Those four bins held only bottoms.  I found exactly one top, in an extra-large, that didn’t match any of the bottoms.  Normally I would chalk this up as odd, but two other stores had exactly the same thing.  Just bottoms?  What am I missing here?

I did buy a new winter coat that I am unreasonably excited about.  However, it is white.  Am I crazy?  I’m hoping that it will force me to be more responsible about not spilling.  I think I’d better Scotchguard it just in case.

I spent all day yesterday mired in a work-related project.  It was sucking the life out of me.  Fortunately it’s almost done and the remaining pieces shouldn’t be too difficult.  My job is based in retail and as a result we have to think pretty far out.  For me, 2008 is already over, 2009 is in the works and 2010 is being planned.  Do you have any idea how confusing this is?

Last night I went home and did more yard work.  I stayed out until it was too dark to see what I was doing.  Sadly enough that meant 7:00.  I hate that about this time of the year. 

I think that pretty much sums it up.  I’m sorry for the scatterbrain-ness.  I’ll try to be more coherent tomorrow.

*Anyone who can correctly name the song and the band responsible will win a fabulous prize.  TTO, you are not eligible.