I’m just your average late-twenty-something married lady with dog.  When I reached the point where I was closer to 30 than to 25 I decided that there were a few things I’d always wanted to do or thought about doing but never did.  So I made a list.  A list of thirty things I want to accomplish before turning 30.  It may be cliche but I just don’t care.

After reading lots and lots of blogs chronicling the life adventures of others I thought it would be fun to put my list out there.  I’m hoping it keeps me more accountable.  And?  It will be nice to have a reminder of what I encounter along the way.

 People you will meet:

The Tall One (TTO) – the husband.  Everything I ever looked for in a partner.  He doesn’t put up with my crap and I love him for it.

Gus the Wonder Dog – enough said.  My boxer/bulldog mix that forced me into being one of those “dog people”.  Yes, he sometimes gets to sleep in the bed.

Alice – the little (by seven years) sister.  Even though she’s five inches taller than me.  I have to be nice to her, she’s in charge of my hair.

Mamacita – my mom.  I get my crazy Martha Stewart-ish tendencies and love of the Oregon Coast from her.

 Big Daddy – my dad.  I get my sanity, sense of humor and eye-rolling ability from him.

For reference here is my list.