My relationship with teen dramas goes back a long, long way.  I remember watching the pilot of 90210 and thinking about why Minnesota is ALWAYS portrayed as being in the sticks.  My high school and college years were defined by Dawson’s Creek and Felicity.  I figured that once I got married I was just too old to find pleasure in the genre, but I have a TV-related confession to make.
I love One Tree Hill. 
And I’ve brought TTO over to the dark side.
It started innocently enough.  I caught a few episodes on SOAPnet.  Then I started watching the current season as it aired while still catching up on back episodes.  During the last season it became must watch television for me.  Then I noticed that the DVR had been set to tape each new episode.  TTO had been caught up too.
TV blogging isn’t normally my gig, but after last night’s episode I just can’t help myself.
I knew something bad was going to happen to Q, but I was completely shocked with what went down at the end of last week.  And this week, well I think I cried more during last night’s episode than I have during an hour of TV in a very, very long time.  I promise it’s not the pregnancy hormones, TTO was just as moved.  While OTH has dealt with death before, Q’s was such a crushing blow.  I don’t think I can do it justice, but there is a scene between Jamie and Q’s little brother that just tore my heart to shreds.  I was also a little surprised that they had Q’s mother say that her inspiration comes from Jesus Christ and her strength from faith.  This touched me in particular because it rang so true.  Generally TV shows, especially teen dramas, don’t mention anything about belief or faith and if they do it is way over the top ala 7th Heaven.  Then there was Deb going to Skills’ side at the risk of their relationship being found out because she knew he needed her.  And Jamie putting Q’s cape on the coffin.  Oops, tearing up again.  Really, even if you have no intention of being a regular viewer, you should still seek out this episode.
In order to break up the tension, TTO cracked a few Hot Pockets jokes.  The actor that plays (played, boo!) Q does the commercials as seen here.  His version of the jingle is ALMOST as funny as Jim Gaffigan’s.
Overall the storylines this season have been really entertaining.  Nanny Carrie scares me half to death – makes me rethink the nanny option for our little guy, but I’m pretty sure Auntie Alice isn’t a complete whackjob!  I love the unexpected connection between Deb and Skills and can’t wait to see how it plays out.  Dan is FINALLY getting what he deserves, yet you still feel a little sorry for him.  SIDE NOTE:  The actor that plays Dan, Paul Johannsen, also played John Sears on several episodes of 90210. END NOTE  I’m sure they’re saving the Peyton/Lucas wedding for sweeps and I always love a good TV wedding.  Except for Nathan and Haley’s redo where all of the colors clashed.  That really irritated me.  I want to know who is behind Brooke’s attack – I feel like her situation and Q’s are going to be intertwined somehow.
Sure there are certain things I dislike – Peyton is a bit too whiny, Haley can be very self-righteous and Lucas bugs the ever-living crap out of me.  (Seriously how is Chad Michael Murray the ‘star’ of this show?  He’s the worst actor of the bunch AND I do not find him attractive at all.)  I’m also sad that Mouth and Millie moved to Omaha.  ADDITIONAL SIDE NOTE:  If you watched Boy Meets World, Minkus and Mouth are one and the same. END ADDITIONAL NOTE
These feelings are offset by the fact that Skills Taylor is one of the better characters on TV right now.  I’m SO glad they kept him around.  Brooke Davis kicks serious ass and is a good role model for reformed bad girls.  Nathan isn’t nearly as annoying as he used to be.  And I sincerely hope our boy is as awesome at 5 as Jamie Scott.  Now if only they would bring back Jake Jagielski.  Sigh.
If you aren’t watching, you should.  Monday nights at 8 central on the CW following Gossip Girl.