Ultrasound Tech:  Are you planning to find out the sex of the baby?


UT:  Alright we’ll see what we can do.  (Scans some things that are not my baby and then quickly proceeds to the good stuff)  Well, normally I wait to share the sex until the end, but this baby is giving us a fantastic shot here.  Imagine the baby sitting on a glass table and you’re looking up.  Here’s leg 1, leg 2, the cord and here are HIS boy parts.

Us:  WOW.  Oh my God.  Our SON!  WOW.  (Um, this went on for pretty much the entire appointment.)

As we were leaving TTO looked at me and said, “I know we both thought it was a girl, but earlier this week I started thinking that it was actually a boy.”  I couldn’t quite believe it because as I mentioned in my last post I had thought the same exact thing.  Little L (as he’ll be called until January when we’ll tell everyone his name) spent the rest of the time showing off his Phelpsian flip turns, healthy heart and other vital organs, ten fingers, ten toes (on his 1.5 inch feet!), his TONGUE and many more shots of his personal business (the boy REALLY wanted us to know). 

Prior to the scan, Big Daddy said that whether this baby was a boy or a girl it would most definitely have a big head (courtesy of yours truly) and long arms and legs (courtesy of TTO).  He was right on both accounts.  Little L is measuring a week ahead of schedule.

While my mom (Grandma Kiki – hee!) may be a teeny bit disappointed that this baby won’t be wearing the cute little dresses and wee little swimming suit, everyone has met the news with a big WOOHOO!  Including us.  When I say that we had no preference, I really and truly mean it.  We would have been equally happy if it were a girl.  Sure, this means I’ll live in a house of all boys (for now), but I can manage. 

It still feels surreal to be referring to him as a HIM and with his actual NAME.