TTO is on the verge of a really rigorous time period at work and tonight he participated in a what’s become a ritual for his particular work crew each year at this time.

He went to a strip club.

And I have to say I don’t get why strip clubs are such a big deal.  Not in the sense that I don’t understand why guys go.  I get that entirely.  What I don’t get is why some women get their undies all in a bunch when their men venture into these particular dens of inequity. 

I went to a bachelorette party a few months ago and the bachelor party was occurring at the same time but in a much different location.  One of the younger ladies in our group was HYSTERICAL because she heard the guys would be going to the nudie bar.  Apparently her husband isn’t “allowed” in places like that.  She was screaming about divorce in between drinks out of her penis-shaped cup.  I was baffled.  What did she think they were going to do?  It was a bachelor party!  The groom’s dad and future father-in-law were there!  I heard from TTO later that said husband sat at a table in the back and did not look up the entire time.  Poor guy, he probably could have used it.

Honestly, I’ve never actually been in a strip club.  My small hometown had one but I never went.  I can’t really say why.  Probably because good Catholic girls don’t do things like that.  In college I always thought that being an exotic dancer wouldn’t be so bad if you had the right body and no inhibitions (I wasn’t a candidate because I possessed neither).  You make good money, people appreciate the work you’re doing and the shoes are pretty awesome.  I knew guys that would go every weekend and drop hundreds of dollars.  That’s the only thing I really can’t understand – handing over your hard earned money just for a few minutes of attention, but hey if it makes you happy I’m not going to fault you for it.

The other thing that bothers me is the stigma that’s attached to the girls that work in these places.  Playboy centerfolds are practically celebrities, but the girl that lives upstairs and wears 6 inch lucite heels to work is dirty, wrong and evil. Dancing on a stage in skimpy outfits does not equal prostitution.  From what I hear, these ladies sometimes wear more clothing than your average professional cheerleader. 

A few years ago one of TTO’s friends married an ex-stripper.  I couldn’t believe all of the nasty gossip that was flying about – especially since no one had personally met her.  Would they have made the same “gold-digger” and comments if she was a waitress or a bartender?  If you’re out there working it to pay for school or to take care of your family or just because you LIKE it, I say go on with your pole-polishing self.   

I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just lucky that I have so much trust in TTO.  I know he’s coming home – usually with lots of compliments for ME and funny stories to share.  Tonight, for example, “I bought a lap dance for Fred and you’ll never guess what song came on – ‘Sweet Caroline’ – even the stripper was pissed.  I’ll never hear that song the same again.”