A quick hello from the lady of the blog – I had to remind TTO of his blogging duties.  I bet you thought I was the only one around here who made lists.  You lose!

I work with a bunch of dirty old men and we sit around make fun of each other.  Below are some of the nicknames we use:

Hereford Head – His head looks like it came from a Herford breed cow

Taconite ass – He was shot in the butt during a hunting trip and he’s originally from Minnesota’s Iron Range

Old Wooden Tooth – He has some dental issues.  He chews.  And his teeth are a little brown, like oak.

Uncle F’em – The most bitter man in the worldSweats – Wears sweat pants every day

Mush Head Queer Pants – Just like the name says

Ice Pick – Threatened to stab a boss in the eye with an ice pick

Big Nose – Enough said

Harry – He looks like a shaven Ewok

Bernie – His real name is Richard, but when he started his handwriting on all of his forms was so awful that they had to guess what name to put on his uniforms.  They used Bernard.

The Gay Firefighter – Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Sarge – He was in the Marines

Fish Back – He has a tramp stamp of fish.  Yes, a male tramp stamp.

Jagor – A cross of Mick Jagger and Quasi Modo

Blueberry Cowboy – Fake cowboy

Billy Big Bass – Thinks he’s a pro fisherman

Lil’ Hitler – Bossy a-hole

Wood Tick – Big fat guy, like a wood tick right before it pops

Kool-Aid – Big fat guy, wears red

Utee – From Utah

Retard Don Knots -That’s what he looks like.  (For the record, I hate this use of the word retard just like my wife does)

Tree Hugger – Way left of center, viva revolution.

Ten Gallon Head – Really large head

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share my own nicknames:

Swede – I’m Swedish (yep, we’re really creative)

Sweety – Variation of the above

Nappy Haired Swede – I badly need a haircut

Dumb Tall Swede – More of the same

Porn – It rhymes with TTO


Stay tuned for Friday.  Gus is ready for his comeback.