Something else you should know about me – my mantra is “I never claim to be right, but I will tell you what I think.”  The wife doesn’t always appreciate this, but for the most part it serves me well.

On Friday we were on our way out to dinner and got to talking about recent local news stories.  One that seemed to get at both of us involves a college girl that died of alcohol poisoning on her 21st birthday.  It is very sad and I don’t want to take anything away from this tragic story, but I feel like her family is handling it poorly.  They are suing the bar she was drinking at and the friends that were with her that night.  Now I know it must be tough to go through this, but is directing your pain towards others that are experiencing the very same grief helping anything?   I know my family would be upset, but they would understand that I made the choice to go out that night and drink too much.  I know peer pressure is a b****.  I also drank way too much on my 21st (as did my wife and many, many of our friends) but it was my choice to drink and ultimately my choice to stop.  Usually I stopped a lot later than I should have and looking back I realize how stupid that was. 

Now I don’t have kids so maybe I’m way off, but I know for a fact that my parents would never file a lawsuit against my friends, or my school or my local adult establishment if they were in the above situation.  Why is society always so quick to place the blame on someone else?  What do you think?  When did other people become accountable for our actions.

Alright, I’m done.  I promise to provide a more uplifting post next time.


**The title of this post is a stab at the local NFL team.  In his infinite wisdom, the coach claimed they would be instituting a ‘culture of accountability’ in the wake of the Love Boat scandal.  Yeah right.