So this whole number thing started when my wife asked me why I wear the number 17 on my jerseys for basketball and softball.  That’s when my secret life of being crazy was found out.  I will give you some back ground on my eating habits.  I would have been a great professional eater when I was younger.  If I only had know competitive eating was out there I’m sure I would have done it and brought the Nathan’s hot dog eating belt back from Japan years ago. So I like sandwiches and my favorite during high school was a hot ham and cheese in the microwave.  To get the cheese melted just right you needed to put it in (open face so when it was done you had a cold piece of bread to handle it).   37 seconds was the right amount of time for it.  But here is the kicker the numbers 3 -7- start were in a line, because you didn’t want to waste time bouncing around hitting random numbers.  So that’s why my favorite number is 37.  A frozen hot dog is similar, 5-5 –start or two frozen hot dogs are 1-1-1- start.  It’s all about getting that food fast and not burning calories while doing it.   Now the reason I don’t wear my favorite number 37.   In high school basketball the jerseys only go up to 5’s (25, 35, 45, and 55).  So I could never wear it.  So when I started playing later in life I tried 37 and 47 (that was Corey Koskie’s number with the Twins) but I’m a tall skinny kid and those numbers are for larger people since they take up more space on your back, slimming you could say. 7 is for smaller point guard size people.  So I went with 17.  The numbers are tall and thin like me.