Well, hi!  It’s been a while.  How’ve you been?

In all seriousness, thank you for all of your kind words last week.  If I didn’t respond to you personally via e-mail, I apologize.  Please know that I sincerely appreciate all of the support.

The last week has been surreal.  Through Josh’s passing I reconnected with people I hadn’t seen since college graduation almost six years ago.  I also had to face a few regrets and let go of old grudges.  While the circumstances couldn’t be more awful, I am so grateful for the opportunity to mend friendships that I thought were far too broken.  These relationships are going to require a lot of nurturing to get them back to where they need to be.

That said, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from TB30.  I’m not sure how long it will take for me to feel like I have a good handle on everything.   However, instead of leaving the site blank I’ve found a blogsitter.  TTO has graciously offered to maintain things while I’m off getting my ducks in a row.  The content may be a little bit different than what you are used to, but I’m sure it will be entertaining.  You won’t miss me at all.  

I’ll leave you with a little fact about TTO.  His favorite number is 37.  I know why, but I’m going to let him tell you.