I got a phone call this afternoon that completely shocked me.  It was my friend N telling me that our mutual friend Josh had died.  

I met Josh through friends during my first week of college.  He was the kind of guy that was pretty rough around the edges.  Fortunately I got to see Josh’s softer side during a trip he and I took with 10 other people towards our senior year.  We had a heart to heart (well, as close as Josh got to heart to heart) talk one night in an outdoor swimming pool under a full moon.  He was a great guy.  He was always looking out for his friends and giving honest advice.  He will be greatly missed.

Josh was one of the last people I saw as I was leaving campus on the day of graduation.  I remember hugging him and telling him congratulations and good luck.  That was the last time I saw him. 

A few weeks ago I got together with N and our friend B.  They were giving me the run down on all of the people I had lost touch with, Josh included.  Apparently he’d lost his job and had been battling depression.  Everyone was worried about him.  I thought about him quite a bit over the last two weeks and said several prayers.  Early on there was talk of it being a suicide, but it was determined that it was accidental.

It breaks my heart.