Some of you already know that today is my birthday.  My 28th birthday.  In some ways that number looks so large and foreign, like where did the last twenty years GO?  In other ways I feel like life is only beginning.  Which is why I wanted to smack the young punk at work today when he said, “Doesn’t it make you feel anxious to know that 30 is right around the corner?”  Honestly, no.  It doesn’t.  My mom always said that she loved her thirties and the closer I get, the more I see what she means.

When I was eight years old I spent a lot of time crying about not wanting to grow up.  My family still teases me about it.  Somehow I knew how charmed my life was and that being a grown up wasn’t all my friends thought it was cracked up to be.  There are still days when I’d love to go back and stretch out on my Strawberry Shortcake bedspread reading a Babysitter’s Club Book (okay, probably not the same time frame, but hopefully you get my point), but my grown up life has been pretty blessed too. 

On my 26th birthday I had what can probably described as a quarter-life crisis.  It was the first birthday I ever wanted to just ignore.  The problem was that I could clearly remember being 16 and saying in ten years I’ll have this, be this, do this.  Unfortunately those ten years had passed and I didn’t, I wasn’t and I hadn’t.  I eventually realized that what I did have was so much better than anything I could have imagined in high school. 

I have a great new job – when they realized it was my birthday they ran out to pick up a cake and they all signed a card for me.  It was unbelievably heartwarming considering I’ve only been there 7 days.

I have a family that loves and cares about me – my mom threw a little dinner party for me on Saturday and I had such a great time with my parents and in-laws.  Mamacita even made me a Funfetti cake (I guess that 8 year old is still in there!).

The dog.  The cuteness?  I don’t think I need to say more.

Finally, my husband is so amazing.  Not only did he snoop around and find the address for my new job (I don’t even know it yet!) so he could send me flowers but he also gave me a card this morning with the cutest little drawing of the new duvet cover that I really wanted for a gift.  The actual one will arrive sometime next week.  He has to work tonight so I’m home with the dog.  We’re planning to celebrate with our traditional birthday dinner of Chinese from our favorite place tomorrow night.

27 was sincerely one of the best years I can remember.  I can only hope that 28 will be too.  Thanks everyone for your kind wishes!