(Yes, I am fully aware that this is three days late.  And just in time for the Bloggie Doggie Awards.  We’re just awesome around here.)

We’re very fortunate that Gus isn’t very damaging when it comes to chewing on our things.  I lost one pair of shoes early on, and TTO has a pair of slippers that are missing a bit of heel.  We also can’t leave pens where Gus might find them, but for the most part he sticks to his toys.

On his own stuff?  Gus is B-R-U-T-A-L.  Especially if the toy is plush or has a squeaker.  If a toy with a squeaker enters the house Gus embarks on his very own seek and destroy mission.  His personal record for removing a squeaker is about 3.2 seconds.  That poor stuffed squirrel didn’t stand a chance.  For a while we bought only bones and other tough toys.  He has a Kong that has seen far better days, a weird-looking football thing that Santa left in his stocking and a few small balls.  This makes me feel like a bad dog mom.  There just isn’t much in the way of cute tough toys out there.

I was feeling particularly generous last weekend while out on one of my many shopping excursions and I came across what looked like a great new toy for Gus. It was a softer toy, but the lable touted “Extra Tough Fabric for Extra Tough Dogs”. The fabric was so tough that I didn’t even realize it had a squeaker.

Gus certainly did:

Obviously he’s a tough guy.

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