So Lent starts tomorrow.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to give up.  I’ve always taken this period pretty seriously.  I was never the kid that said, “Oh!  I’ll give up homework!”.  I felt like it was something that was very important, even in 2nd grade.  I’ve had varying success in abstaining from a variety vices.  In recent years I’ve tried to go the full forty days without:

  • Caffeine (Did it!)
  • Fast food (Only one or two slips!)
  • Swearing while driving (Okay, but not great.)
  • Rolling my eyes (It’s too much of a reflex.)
  • Procrastinating (Yeah, right.)

In high school my dad told me that if I couldn’t think of something to give up it would be okay to try to do something good instead.  I tried that too:

  • Compliment at least one person every day (Did it!)
  • Read the bible and say the rosary (Okay.)
  • Exercise every day (Yeah, right.)

I’m trying to think of something creative and difficult this year, but so far I haven’t come up with anything.  So tell me, what are you doing for Lent?  If you don’t recognize Lent, what vices do you have that you’d like to give up?