I ran out and did a little more shopping this afternoon and had an experience that I can’t quite explain.  I have never, I repeat NEVER, owned more than three pairs of jeans that fit me at one time.  Somehow I now have seven (and I didn’t pay over $40 for any of them – one pair was $16.99!).  Honestly, pants are probably the most difficult item of clothing for me to buy and they always have been.  My sister ended up with the long, shapely legs.  I have what looks like the human equivalent of drumsticks.  I went into the dressing room at the first store with four pairs and bought three.  Then I stopped at Marshall’s to look at bags and shoes and ended up with another pair. 

One pair will likely need to be hemmed and they all require wearing a belt (all of my pants do – being that I’m very…round on the bottom and I have a narrow waist) but I sincerely can’t believe that I won’t have to wash jeans at least twice a week to manage the new dress code.  Part of me feels like I’m going to wake up tomorrow and they’ll have disappeared and I’ll be stuck wearing the old pair that’s ripped through the crotch.  Not exactly the impression I want to make on my first day.