One of my goals for this weekend is to procure clothing appropriate for my new “every day is casual day” job (Which starts on Monday.  Holy crap, where did that time go?).  For the last five years I’ve worked in business or business casual enviroments.  I have work clothes and I have weekend clothes.  I don’t have much that falls in the middle.  I went to the nearest mall for a few hours yesterday and left with exactly one cardigan, one black turtleneck and a headband.  I knew that wasn’t going to cut it, so I planned another shopping adventure for today.

Initially I planned to go to the nicer but farther away mall, but somehow I ended up at that mecca of all that is wrong with consumerism – the Mall of America.  Technically it is closer than the nicer mall, unfortunately that doesn’t mean less headaches.  I should have cut my losses when I got to the parking ramp and had at least two near-miss car accidents courtesy of people who were not paying attention AT ALL.  However, I decided to press on. 

My favored expression when faced with frustration is currently, “Dude?  Seriously!?!”.  (This has replaced “For the LOVE” and “Oh, for crying loud”.   I think I either muttered or thought D?S? several thousand times this afternoon.  A short list of encounters that warranted it:

  • A half-naked man standing in the entry way of Ambercrombie and Fitch.  I’m pretty sure he was an employee, but still!
  • A group of pre-teen girls wearing shorts and tank tops.  Yes, I know it’s warmed up, but it’s still only 30 degrees. 
  • A woman stopped in the middle of a busy hallway SCREAMING into her cell phone about her baby daddy.
  • A mom telling her (very average-sized, young) daughter that she was “too fat”.
  • A couple lying on a bench, full-on making out, in full view of many small children.
  • A denim mini skirt in size 000
  • Throngs of gawkers, slow walkers, people standing right in front of what I wanted to look at and not moving, $3.00 for a diet Coke, clothes that seemed to only come in three colors (green, hot pink and gray – I like all three, but not in everything) or two sizes (00 or 18) and having a very hard to fit lower half.

At least I was able to find a pair of jeans that fit.