One of Gus’ favorite new activities is crawling under blankets and nosing around until he gets out on the other side.  TTO is his favored partner for this endeavor because when TTO sits on the couch with a blanket over his outstretched legs he forms a little tent.  My legs just aren’t long enough.  Gus goes in and out and sniffs around making his cute little grunting noises.  It’s extremely entertaining.  I’ll probably have to attempt a video at some point.

Recently the game went a bit awry and the blanket fell off of TTO’s legs and landed squarely on top of Gus.  I think he was a bit shocked by the turn of events because rather than shaking it off immediately Gus walked around the room completely covered in blanket.  I laughed so hard because you could clearly see his little stump wagging a mile a minute beneath his little cape.  Of course we tried to recreate it, but no luck.  Instead, you get a picture from a few hours later, when Gus decided that just laying on top of the blanket with TTO wasn’t enough. He needed to cuddle up.


All of this couch talk reminds me that maybe we should get OFF of it once in a while and I don’t know, take the dog for a walk?  Too bad January’s been bitterly cold this year.  It’s probably not a good thing that today’s 27 degree temp felt like a heat wave.