Since giving my notice last week I’ve been alternating between being extremely busy wrapping things up at work and being extremely lazy at home.  In addition I decided on Sunday night that this would be a good week to give up caffeine.  There are a few lifestyle changes I want to make prior to the new job and being smarter about what I put into my body is one of them.  It’s been hard.  The first few days I came home, ate dinner and crashed on the couch.  While it’s been rough for me, it’s been great for Gus.

Gus is a big fan of couch time.  Couch time for Gus means comfort triangles.  You’re familiar with this phenomenon, right?  A comfort triangle occurs when one of the humans lies with their back against the back of their couch, bends their knees and puts their feet against the back of the couch.  The resulting empty space is known as a comfort triangle.  CTs are quite possibly Gus’ favorite places on earth – it’s only real competition is TTO’s family farm.

He doesn’t discriminate.  If anyone nearby is assuming the CT position Gus takes full advantage.  I think the funniest one I ever saw was when my goddaughter (who doesn’t weigh much more than Gus) was spending the night.  Gus had been wary of her the entire time but once she was curled up on the couch Gus was her best friend.  It didn’t matter that her legs were too small to make a complete triangle.

Looks pretty cozy, no?


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