Hello and welcome to the inaugural Workout Wednesday post!  We were incredibly impressed with the effort that you put forth this week.

Our current leaders are:

Deidra – 325 minutes
KM – 310 minutes
Operation Pink Herring – 305 minutes
Stacey – 250 minutes
-R- – 232 minutes

3,379 total minutes were logged this week. That’s over 56 hours! The rest of the competition breaks down thusly:


Now for this week’s question. It’s a simple one.

What are you doing to earn those minutes?

Are you hitting the gym and giving the treadmill a run for it’s money? Taking a fitness class? Parking a few extra spots away from Target’s entrance?

I didn’t think I did much at all this week (besides frantically pace back and forth in anticipation of a big job interview) until I started putting numbers into Audrey’s AWESOME minutes spreadsheet.  Walking MILES at a tradeshow for work, a few situps and pushups and cleaning my house added up to 150 minutes.  I couldn’t believe it! 

Share your activities and inspire your fellow GaGAs.