Today marks exactly six years from the basketball game that brought TTO back into my life. 

I’ve already told that story in great detail so in honor of this anniversary I decided to be brief and give each year a word that best describes what that year meant for me.

Year 1 – Apprehension
There was a lot of uncertainty about where we were headed and what we meant to each other.

Year 2 – Distance
At times the 200 miles between us felt like 2,000.

Year 3 – Anticipation
TTO asked me to marry him and we started planning our wedding.

Year 4 – Settled
We bought a house, got married and welcomed Gus into our family.

Year 5 – Growth
Depending on each other first instead of our respective families was tough (especially for me), but we learned.

Year 6 – Contentment
I go to bed each night knowing that while life will never be perfect, mine is about as close as you can get.

TTO, how do you feel about sixty more?