You might think the whole 30 before 30 list would be enough, but I decided that instead of making vague resolutions for 2008 I would put together a to do list just for the year.  108 just seemed like a good number.  It means I should be crossing off a list item approximately every three days. 

Some of the things on the list are things I’ver never done, some are things I have done but want to do again, a lot are self-improvement related, many are set around finishing projects I’ve started, a few are things I want to buy.  This doesn’t mean I’m abandoning Thirty Before 30, in fact some of the items are on both lists, I just wanted to challenge myself even more (and if blog fodder develops, so be it).  With just a few minutes left on the first day of 2008, here are the things I hope to do this year:

1. Bake a cake from scratch
2. Bake a pie from scratch (crust too)
3. Make a loaf of bread (with yeast and kneading and all that)
4. Go to Itasca State Park
5. Go downhill skiing
6. Go cross country skiing
7. Go to a water park
8. Grow my hair out
9. Get a bikini wax
10. Take a walking tour of Summit Avenue
11. Learn how to use my new iPod (thanks mom and dad!)
12. Keep my house “company ready”
13. Visit a town I’ve never been to
14. Visit a state I’ve never been to
15. Visit a country I’ve never been to
16. Buy (and use) an advent wreath
17. Take all shoes that need fixing to a repair shop
18. Take all clothing that needs fixing to the tailor (or mom)
19. See at least one concert
20. Finally go to the zoo
21. Be on time for everything (including work, slacker!)
22. Transcribe Grandma’s History Project
23. Print and Bind Grandma’s History Project
24. Wear false eyelashes
25. Finish TTO’s anniversary present (yes, from last summer, but I’m REALLY close)
26. Read two books each month
27. Climb the wall at REI
28. Try one new cooking recipe each month
29. Try one new baking recipe each month
30. Go to a wine tasting
31. Buy a new couch
32. Go to South Dakota to see JP and E
33. Log a minimum of 200 Awesome Activity minutes each week
34. Develop a budget
35. Stick to said budget
36. Post at least 3 times each week
37. Write at least 2 comments each day
38. Figure out why comments on my blog sometimes show up on the wrong post
39. Update the look of the blog so it’s more “me”
40. Think about acquiring my own domain (I said if I made it through a full year I would do it)
41. Meet a blog friend in real life
42. Learn to change a tire
43. Take a vacation day on my birthday and thoroughly enjoy it
44. Watch the news a few times each week to keep on top of current events (beyond gossip)
45. Get pregnant
46. Load all of our CDs on the new computer
47. Load all of our pictures on the new computer
48. Burn CDs of all our pictures and store them in the fireproof safe
49. Drink at least the recommended 8 glasses of water each day
50. Floss
51. Take my vitamins
52. Play Guitar Hero
53. Play Dance Dance Revolution
54. Sing karaoke
55. Go camping
56. Use our firepit (almost three years and I’ve never seen it in use)
57. Try kayaking
58. Update and maintain address book
59. Use a daily planner
60. Make and send Valentines
61. Dress up for Halloween
62. Enter something for competition in the State Fair
63. Continue to apply for new jobs
64. Sew an apron
65. Knit a scarf
66. Crochet an afghan
67. Keep a house plant alive for more than a month
68. Plant a vegetable garden
69. Finish the pillowcases I started making for my mom’s birthday last year
70. Clean out and organize every drawer in our house
71. Clean out and organize every cabinet in our house
72. Clean out and organize every closet in our house
73. Run another 5k
74. Replace the chandelier in the entry way
75. Research volunteer opportunities closer to home and start volunteering regularly
76. Go to mass at the Cathedral
77. Find artwork for the bathroom
78. Complete all paint touchups
79. Go ice skating at The Depot
80. Finish putting cards from our wedding in their scrapbook
81. Go to an auction
82. Go to the Walker
83. Eat at Murray’s
84. Play a golf course I’ve never played on
85. Pray more sincerely
86. Say the rosary every day
87. Start an Etsy shop
88. Call my parents and my sister at least once a week
89. Give blood
90. Plan something with Kat every other month
91. Send cards to loved ones for no reason
92. Host a party
93. Watch a movie I’ve never seen before each month
94. Take a spinning class
95. Watch the Summer Olympics
96. Use my camera at least once a week (and for more than pictures of Gus)
97. Tell TTO I love him every day
98. Carry a notebook with me so I can keep track of ideas and to dos
99. Limit caffeine to three times per week (I really wanted to say completely, but I know that isn’t realistic)
100. Use a new ringtone
101. Organize our household filing system
102. Limit blog time at work
103. Find a signature scent
104. Use reusable grocery bags on every trip (unless we’re in need of dog poo bags)
105. Consume a cup of vegetables every day
106. Vote
107. Limit fast food to twice a month
108. Enjoy the year as much as possible!