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Since giving my notice last week I’ve been alternating between being extremely busy wrapping things up at work and being extremely lazy at home.  In addition I decided on Sunday night that this would be a good week to give up caffeine.  There are a few lifestyle changes I want to make prior to the new job and being smarter about what I put into my body is one of them.  It’s been hard.  The first few days I came home, ate dinner and crashed on the couch.  While it’s been rough for me, it’s been great for Gus.

Gus is a big fan of couch time.  Couch time for Gus means comfort triangles.  You’re familiar with this phenomenon, right?  A comfort triangle occurs when one of the humans lies with their back against the back of their couch, bends their knees and puts their feet against the back of the couch.  The resulting empty space is known as a comfort triangle.  CTs are quite possibly Gus’ favorite places on earth – it’s only real competition is TTO’s family farm.

He doesn’t discriminate.  If anyone nearby is assuming the CT position Gus takes full advantage.  I think the funniest one I ever saw was when my goddaughter (who doesn’t weigh much more than Gus) was spending the night.  Gus had been wary of her the entire time but once she was curled up on the couch Gus was her best friend.  It didn’t matter that her legs were too small to make a complete triangle.

Looks pretty cozy, no?


Don’t forget to check in on the rest of the cuteness quintfecta.  Ben, Ted, Rufus and Zapp are waiting for you!


And she’s about to work a whole lot harder. 

That’s right!  I was offered the job that I alluded to in my last post.  It’s probably not smart to say too much about it here, but I’d be happy to tell you about it in an e-mail.

When I told TTO about the position his response was, “So basically this is the job you’ve wanted to have for the last six years?”  And it really, truly is just that.  I still don’t feel like I’m even remotely qualified, but if they think I am I guess that’s all that matters.

As thrilled as I am about moving forward, giving my notice on Wednesday was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do (professionally, anyway).  The people here have been so good to me and they’ve trusted me with a lot of responsibility.  Unfortunately there just isn’t anymore room to grow.  While talking it through with my current boss, he said, “Anna, I knew after six months that you were bored.  I’m so happy for you, sad for us, but definitely happy for you.”  That’s when the tears started to flow.

The next two weeks are going to be jam-packed with finishing up all the work I’ve been putting off and making sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible for current company.  (Thanks RA, for the great list-writing strategy!)  I’m also going to try my best to get my home life back in reasonable order.  The interviewing process pretty much sucked the life out of me so things at Casa de 30 have been suffering over the last few weeks.  Thank God for an understanding TTO!  (I PROMISE to do laundry and make my way to the grocery store this weekend.)

I really want to keep up the energy and get through everything so I made a list of what I’ll have to look forward to when the transition is complete.  In no particular order, a few things I am excited about besides, you know, the actual work I’ll be doing:

  • My very own cube.  I know most of you probably don’t think a cube is all that great, but for the last 2 and a half years I’ve been sitting at what amounts to a receptionist’s desk.  I’m the first person you see when you walk into the office and the dumping ground for all incoming and outgoing packages.  Having my OWN space is going to be amazing.
  • A real, live, grown-up office building.  Current job is in a strip-mall style office complex that has the worst building manager in the history of bricks and mortar.  When the light above the main stairway went out I called to let him know.  His response was “We don’t have a ladder that will reach.  Take the back stairs if you need light.”  Wow, that’s really convenient.  And not at all scary.  Thanks!  New office is on the 10th floor of a great building, in a great location and they have a fantastic view. 
  • Every day is casual day.  I’m sure the dress code changes during client meetings and while traveling for events, but regular office days mean jeans.  In fact, one of the people that interviewed me was wearing a baseball cap.  No longer do I have to straddle the fine line that is “business casual”.  Too dressy?  Not dressy enough?  It doesn’t matter!  Also?  Less ironing.
  • Feeling like I’ve finally done it.  I’ve struggled over the years since college graduation with seeing my classmates achieve everything they set out to do.  My own path has been rocky – bad choices (due mainly to my terrible impatience), horrible bosses, unfulfilled promises and embarassment at changing jobs every two years.  Knowing that I’m going to be in a place where I have always envisioned myself feels so unbelievably good.
  • Not being the “baby”.  In every single job I’ve had I have been the youngest team member.  In some cases by as much as 10 years.  It’s going to be very refreshing to be around people my own age and younger.  I can’t wait to whip those recent college grads into shape!
  • Office dogs.  The company owners have two dogs that make regular appearances in the office.  Maybe this means Gus can join me every once in a while?

There is so much more, but I really need to get cracking on those to do lists.  Thank you to everyone for your amazing support!

Thank you so much for coming out of the dark internet shadows and showing yourselves!  I wanted to think about my responses for a few days so I could give really great answers (or maybe I just didn’t feel like writing over the weekend?).

Up first is the lovely Laurel.  She asked:

What was your favorite outfit in 8th grade?
When I think back to the things I wore in junior high I just cringe (as I’m sure most of us do). I don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one outfit. I had lots of winners. Ones that stick out include:

  • A neon pink, oversized Harvard sweatshirt that was worn with tapered leg jeans, matching neon pink socks and white Keds.
  • A white thermal bodysuit with a hood and baggy navy blue jeans.
  • A blue and white striped babydoll dress under an oversized white sweater that had a collar.

Eighth grade was apparently the year of things that were oversized, because I also remember wearing many baggy t-shirts tucked into tapered jeans and a lot of my dad’s flannel shirts.  Um, he’s 6’2″.  I really don’t know what I was thinking.  I’m heading to Hometown this weekend for a baby shower so I might have to dig through old photos and provide some photographic evidence.

Question #2 comes from Awesome! Audrey:

If you do decide to get a tattoo, what are you thinking it might be? And where would you get it?
If you had asked the Anna of 10 years ago, her answer, without question, would have been a butterfly on the lower back. Oh yes, I wanted a tramp stamp (back before I knew what that was, of course). I sincerely loved butterflies though and still do, just not quite as much. If I were to get a tattoo RIGHT NOW I would likely choose a small, pretty heart with TTO’s first initial in it (FYI – it’s not T) just below my left hip bone. Don’t ask me why I’d choose that spot because I can’t explain it. Sidenote: I was thisclose to getting a tattoo on my 21st birthday and J was adamantly against it. He told me if I got a tattoo not only would he have to break up with me, it was possible that we could no longer even be friends. It probably said a lot for the state of our relationship that I wanted the tattoo EVEN MORE after he said that.

Dynamic Danielle wanted to know:

Do you have any piercings anywhere besides your ears?
Sadly, no. I do have two holes in each ear and I had a cartilage piercing for a while (it’s closed up), but I’m pretty tame when it comes to piercings. I went to a slumber party in junior high where all the girls pierced their belly buttons. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt like a wuss, but when they all got nasty infections a few days later I was really glad I’d chickened out. My mom and my sister both have their noses pierced and it looks great on them, but I don’t think I could ever pull it off. However, I’ve been really intrigued by eyebrow rings lately…

Enigmatic Erin asked:

How do you feel about cheese?
You can’t grow up this close to Wisconsin and not love cheese. I have no less than 5 different kinds in the fridge at any given moment. While it’s lovely to eat, did you know that cheese can also be used as an effective revenge tactic?

In high school my best friend really liked this guy. Said guy was a complete jerk to her for no apparent reason. Said guy also kept his sunroof open during the school day. One afternoon while talking with Mamacita about the general jerkiness of said guy she suggested pulling a prank. We racked our brains for ideas until Mamacita came up with the perfect one. We drove to the deli, purchased the stinkiest hunk of cheese they had and then made our way to the school. When we got there we were really close to backing out of our plan, but Mamacita had come along for the ride and wasn’t about to let us give up. She grabbed the cheese, threw it in the sunroof and we sped off. The cheese melted and from what I hear it took several professional cleanings to get the smell out.

I feel really guilty about this now because jerky guy has turned into a decent human being. Save this one for someone you REALLY despise.

Lurky LS inquired:

Would you rather wear a Christmas sweater with spandex pants and leg warmers everyday but have great hair and a beautiful face or have the latest and greatest in expensive trendy clothes with a frizzy perm, thick glasses, and a full set of braces?
Because I have so been there with the frizzy hair and thick glasses, I’m going to have to go with the Christmas sweater outfit on this one. I just hope the sweater will be long enough to cover up my spandex-clad hips and rear end. My hair was completely crazy for a good 10 years and I don’t ever want to go back to that if I can avoid it. Again, I’ll have to provide the photographic evidence next week.

Mysterious Miss Squirrel asked a tough one:

What’s the best gift you have ever received?
I have to divide this into two parts. My favorite gift as a child and my favorite gift as an adult. My favorite childhood gift was a wooden kitchen set that my dad made completely by himself. It was awesome. There was a metal bowl for the sink and plexiglass behind a hole provided a window into the oven. My mom spent several months saving up cereal boxes and other various containers so my kitchen would be stocked. Unfortunately, my play kitchen was one of the casualties of the flood of 1998. I was really sad that it had to be disposed. I’m hoping that if I ever have a daughter I can talk my dad into making another one.
My favorite adult gift would have to be my engagement ring. TTO picked it out entirely on his own and did a fantastic job. It is 100% me. Even after almost four years I look at it every day and smile. And the ring meant that I got to spend the rest of my days with a guy that makes me smile every day.

Sweet Suzanne is a mind reader:

What are your future career plans? Have you made any headway on that front?
I have a final interview for an awesome opportunity in about 2.5 hours. I don’t want to jinx anything so I’ll tell you more about it later this week – good or bad.

Radiant -R- made me sad:

What is your favorite song right now?
Why does this make me sad? Well, there was a time when I was really into music. I loved finding new artists and songs. I even tossed around the idea of pursuing a career in the music industry. Those were the days of downloading songs for free. These days my musical exposure is pretty limited. I got an iPod Nano for Christmas that is still in the box. I am so excited to have it, but it scares me a little too. I could really use some recommendations for artists to check out. However, that doesn’t really answer your question does it? Currently the song that I’m most excited to hear on the radio is Realize by Colbie Caillat. I like it much better than her first song.

Rule-breaker RA asked TWO questions:

What is your favorite form of potato?
I firmly believe that every little spud goes to bed dreaming about becoming a hot, crispy, salty McDonald’s french fry.


Would you describe yourself as a country or a city mouse and why?
This is a tough, tough question for me. I grew up in a very small town, but never really felt like I fit in. Then I went to college in a bigger (not huge) city and that felt a lot better but it still wasn’t a perfect fit (probably due more to the school itself than to the city). I guess I probably lean towards city mouse. I like the variety of people and convenience of having everything you need nearby. TTO is definitely a country mouse so we split the difference and bought a house on the far edge of an outer suburb. It works for us.

Thanks for playing along everyone! It was fun.

The very first blog I ever read was Amalah.  I loved Amy’s witty writing, her fun sense of humor and her HATE of Ikea furniture.  While reading her archives I felt so much compassion for her struggle to have a baby, followed by elation at the arrival of her son Noah.  Amy also writes an Advice Smackdown for Alpha Mom. The Smackdown covers everything from shampoo to skin care to fashion to infertility.  She is a font of good information with a side of good-natured sarcasm.  Last week, during a moment of self doubt I decided to send Amy an e-mail.  I was completely shocked a few days later when I visited the Smackdown and discovered I was reading my own words.

I asked her not to link to the blog because I wasn’t sure how personal I wanted to get here.  I wanted advice but I wasn’t sure I wanted everyone to know about it.  After thinking about it for a few days I decided that I needed to include the link.  It’s part of my story and it is related to the 30 list.  

Anyone who is not fond of a little TMI might want to skip it.   (Um, Dad?  You will probably want to pass.)

Trying to Conceive: Infertility Before Age 30

This is a brief passage from the thank you e-mail I sent to Amy, “I needed someone to tell me that it’s okay to be concerned.  That I CAN take a course of action besides waiting it out.  And you did that for me.”

Sometimes the power of the internet just amazes me.

You know how sometimes stars just align and the universe seems to be smiling on you?  Well, that’s how I feel about this post.  You see, it’s my 100th post, which I sincerely cannot believe.  When I started this blog I figured it would end up being chucked after just a few entries like all of my previous failed attempts, but for some reason it stuck.  As a result I’ve made some fabulous bloggy friends, found a ton of new blogs to read and started to look at bad situations as great fodder for future posts.

You’re wondering what stars aligning and the universe have to do with all of this, aren’t you?  Well, when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write for this post I discovered that my well of ideas was pretty dry.  I didn’t want tomorrow’s TGIF post to be my 100th.  This is about ME, not the dog.  I’ve already written a 100 things list.  I told the story of how TTO and I got together.  I’ve talked about ghosts and aliens.  What to write, what to write.  I just couldn’t think of anything.

Then I went to check on Audrey and maybe find a little inspiration.  She had a new post up and it turns out that today is a Delurking Day!  Rather than continue to wrack my brain for a good topic, I’m going to make you do the work for me.  It seems like now would be a good time for a little Q&A, don’t you think?  

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ask me a question in the comments.  The question can be about anything (although, let’s keep it clean folks, my DAD reads this blog!) and I will do my very best to answer it in an upcoming post.   

If you don’t have a question and all you want to do is say hi, that’s okay too!  Just show yourself!  I know you’re out there.


By the by, if you have already commented or sent an e-mail or chatted with me or put me in your blogroll or linked to a particular post or signed up for GaGA or admired Gus’ photos – THANK YOU!  This blogging experience has been a bit surreal, but it’s been  Thanks entirely to all of you.