I know I owe you pictures of the Christmas Queen’s castle and I also have a Christmas Recap post planned, but in the meantime I need a little help.

I have a small dilemma regarding New Year’s Eve.  I’ve never been one of those people that gets super excited about this particular holiday.  For me it (along with Valentine’s Day) will never live up to the expectations set for it, so it’s best to not have any expectations at all.  In years past, the most common NYE celebration for me has included a movie marathon, gluttonous amounts of food and drink, and a few good friends or family. 

Unfortunately this year TTO has to work on New Year’s Eve.  He’ll be gone from 6pm to 6am, leaving me to my own devices.  It looks like my options for the evening are as follows:

1.  Stay at home with Gus and partake in the above mentioned movie marathon and food consumption alone.  Possibly load the dog in the car so we can go and visit TTO for a kiss at midnight.  Good?  I get to choose ALL of the movies.  And the food.  Bad?  I’d feel like a loser.

2.  Go to my parent’s house and do the movie marathon with them.  However, they generally go to bed early on New Year’s so I would essentially be alone at midnight anyway.  Good points?  My parents are awesome.  Bad?  If I decided to try and see TTO at midnight it’s a much farther drive on roads that will be filled with yayhoos.  

3.  Horn in on someone else’s celebration.  It sounds as if most of my friends will be doing the stay-at-home thing as well this year.  No one seemed too interested in getting together, opting instead to get in quality time with their spouses or kids.  Good? I won’t be alone. Bad? Being a third wheel somewhere will be more depressing than being alone.     

What do you think?  Any other suggestions?

I’m leaning towards #1 simply because it seems to make the most sense.  Does it make me a complete loser to spend NYE alone?