I’m at work.  I am the only person in the entire building.  I will hopefully get to leave at or before noon.  I’m really hoping for before because while I have done the following:

  • Purchased gifts for all of our family members
  • Baked 18 loaves of Spiced Applesauce Bread (one for everyone at work and one for each of the families we’ll see over the next two days)
  • Made a teacup candle for all of the women in our families (I’ll need to post a “how-to” on these.  They’re really easy and do make nice hostess or teacher gifts)
  • Cleaned my house and did all of our laundry
  • Opened gifts with TTO during our little family’s “Christmas Extravaganza”

Unfortunately I still need to:

  • Wrap all of said gifts
  • Cover bread and add a festive bow and tag
  • Make three more candles and wrap them
  • Put together the pickle, cream cheese, corned beef roll-ups that I’m bringing to one of the parties (written out that sounds really gross, but people LOVE these things)
  • Take a nap (please!) before we start hopping from one party to the next so I can make it through church even later tonight

We both throughly enjoy our extended families, but the holidays can be really tough.  We have two gatherings to get to tonight and two tomorrow.  You never get to spend as much time as you’d like with anyone and then you’re off to the next party.  It makes the festivities fly by and before you know it you’re in bed wondering where the heck all that time went. 

In an effort to not speed through our time with each other, TTO and I planned our own little Christmas for yesterday morning.  We ate sweet rolls and and egg bake, opened our gifts, put together a gingerbread tree and watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  It was lovely.  I spent the rest of the afternoon doing the things (except buying presents) on the list above. 

Then I drove through some of the most undesirable road conditions I’ve ever experienced (and I’m a Minnesotan, people, I KNOW crap driving) so I could drop TTO and his friend off at the light rail station for the Vikings game.  I went home and cleaned out our spare bedroom so C would have a place to sleep.  I forgot how much stuff I’d crammed in there over the last few months.  It’s now hiding out in our laundry room.  Looks like I’ll have to move that project up on my ever-growing Get My Shit (or Self if you prefer the non-cursing version)Together in the New Year list.  More about that later.


Gus, TTO and I want to wish all of you a very happy and safe holiday.  We hope that you’re able to spend it with people that you love, doing things that you enjoy.