(It’s an early Christmas gift, ya’ll! My very first guest post.  All of my comments are in italics.)

Hello internet, this is TTO writing a guest blog for my crazy beautiful wife. Ifeel the need to make some small corrections to the stories that were told in the last month.

1. Yes, she did break my heart but I didn’t drop out of choir, I was still there, but it’s possible she just did a great job ignoring me.  (Oops.  I guess so.) The following year when she was at college I didn’t sign up, because it would not work in my schedule.

2. When I went to prom with her friend it was very awkward because she was kissing her date in the school bus seat in front of me. Yes, everyone had to be bused to prom. (It was super klassy.) And he was a dink at the time which really bugged me, he’s a nice guy now. He married a friend of mine.

3. When she was at school and dumped Mater – a friend of mine since age 5, I had to listen to Mater complain about getting dumped.  (I would KILL for transcripts from these conversations.)

4. When Anna and I met again my long term on-again/off-again ex and I had been at a breaking point for a couple weeks. We still talked and hung out but it was really not healthy. (I was pretty jealous of this, even though I was still occasionally seeing J.)

5. I also wanted to look good to show her what she was missing out on.  (He totally did.  So hot!)

6. When we got to the bar and I gave her some space, I went back over there and she made a comment about knowing not to get back together with her ex. I knew that something was up. (I think I said that on purpose so he would know I was available.  I guess it worked.)

7. The sequence of dates after this are mixed up. While I was still in Hometown on winter break, she called me. I was skiing but I went up to see her. We ordered pizza. She didn’t cook. We kissed and then she asked me to leave. Three weeks later Mater and I went up and she did cook for us. She didn’t ask me to leave that time. (Need to work on those memory skillz.)

8. She also forgot to mention that on our first real date she splashed ketchup all over herself. It was hot. (Not hot.  At all.  I managed to keep my cool, but I was SO embarassed.  I got it all over myself, the booth, the person behind me.  I smelled like tomatoes for days.  Ugh.)

9. I was the first one to say “I love you.”  She is always stealing my thunder! (But I’ll bet I THOUGHT it first, dang it.)

I’m more in love with my wife now than ever. She is funny, smart, caring, and the best wife I could ask for. (He totally wrote that all on his own. I promise!) I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone with my additions to the story. Any way the story is told it makes me smile. (Me too, babe.  Me too.)


Coming soon, by request of my wife, the nicknames of my many co-workers.  (OMG, some of these are so off the wall and funny it would be a CRIME not to share.)