I said I was going to tell you why I’m convinced that ghosts exist, didn’t I?

My grandma (dad’s mom) died when I was 13.  She was only 59.  While she had been in poor health since my grandpa died nine years earlier, her death was still a shock.  It was a really sad time for us all.  Fortunately it didn’t take very long for her to let us know that she was still with us.   

We started to feel her presence when we moved her favorite chair into our house.  At the time our dog was not allowed to sit on any furniture.  Once grandma’s chair was there we would come home to Bailey sitting in it.  Sometimes she jumped right out when she saw us, but more often than not she would just sit there looking as content as can be.  It was obvious that she was sitting in grandma’s lap getting a nice pat.

Not long after this started my dad told my mom that he had seen my grandma walking down the hallway and checking in the bedrooms.  He said that she was smiling and nodding.  My dad is not one to imagine or embellish things.  He would never say something like this unless it was true. 

Then, my uncle’s grandfather clock stopped working.  He’d notice that the time was off so he’d adjust the hands and forget about it.  Until he realized that he was fixing it all the time.  He couldn’t see what was wrong with it from the front so he pulled it away from the wall to inspect further.  He found a giant black ring around the electrical outlet that was behind the clock.  If the clock wouldn’t have stopped working their house could have burned down. 

The most “ghostly” of these occurrences involved an wooden angel-shaped music box that my grandma had brought back from Germany.  When we were sorting through her belongings I asked if I could have it.  It didn’t work, but it was very pretty and I really liked owning something that had belonged to grandma.  One November day my mom was cleaning and heard music.  She figured that my sister or I had left a radio on so she went to inspect.  No radios, no TVs, no clear source of the music.  Until she looked at my bookcase.  The angel music box was slowly turning around and playing music.  It hasn’t worked since (I eventually had to move the music box to my mom’s china hutch because this spooked me a little).  Later that day my mom realized it would have been my grandpa and grandma’s anniversary.

My mom became really interested in the ghost phenomenon as a result of these events.  One of the books she read said that a lot of ghosts only show themselves to their loved ones when they think they are needed most.  I suppose that’s open to interpretation but I can think of one specific situation where I KNEW my grandma was looking out for me.

You see, grandma was a fashion guru.  The perfect outfit for every event was her trademark.  When I was unexpectedly asked to prom my sophomore year I had a terrible time finding a dress.  I was completely empty handed on my way out of the last store on my last possible shopping trip.  I can specifically remember whispering, “Grandma, if anyone can figure this out, it’s you.  Please help me.”  All of a sudden, there it was.  Hanging all by itself on a rack right next to me.  There were no other dresses like it.  I almost didn’t even try it on because I knew that it would be perfect.  And it was.

This probably wasn’t the ghost story you were expecting was it?