As I alluded to in my previous post, I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning with my best friend, her daughter and her nephew at a portrait studio.  M was having A’s pictures taken as a Christmas gift for her sister.  Tagging along sounded like a good idea, but I was so very wrong. 

I witnessed a toddler meltdown unlike any I had ever seen before (and I’ve seen A LOT – my mom ran an in-home daycare when I was growing up).  I was waiting for his head to start spinning around.  And the parents were even worse.   As much as I enjoyed spending the time with M, I could not wait to get out of there!  I do have to mention that A and K were perfectly behaved.  Patient and cute.   

After that debacle I was a little apprehensive about my plans for today.  Late last week I offered to take my 9-year-old goddaughter for the day.  She has three brothers and sometimes gets a little crazy for girl time.  Her grandma was also recently diagnosed with lung cancer so Kit’s mom, my aunt, has been running ragged.  I figured taking at least one kid off her hands might help.  I wish I could say that we have these days often, but the last time she spent the night was probably late last winter.  We were definitely due. 

When I picked Kit up I asked her if she would like to go shopping or stay at my house to do crafts and bake cookies.  I almost didn’t get the last half of the sentence out before she yelled “SHOPPING”!  Ah, a kindred spirit.  We hit up Target and a few stores at the mall.  She helped me choose birthday presents for her brothers (all four birthdays are within two months of each other and right before Christmas, their poor parents).  I bought her a pair of jeans and a teenybopper magazine.  We had a great lunch, tried on shoes and talked about music.  It was a fantastic day.   

I hope she remembers days like this as fondly as I remember the times her mom did fun things with me.