Hi everyone, it’s me, Gus. Welcome to your Friday. 

This week my humans thought it might be a good idea to let me try and sleep through the night on my bed (in the picture below) instead of in my crate.  Dad got me settled in and when it looked like I was sleeping he went upstairs to the big bed and left me all alone in the dark.  It took me about 2 seconds to realize that the door to the room with the big bed was open just a little bit.  I raced up the stairs, nosed the door open even more and threw myself on top of the humans. 

I’m not the best guy to share a bed with.  I snore.  I steal the covers.  I lick myself.  But I love to sleep near my mom and dad.

They didn’t seem too excited to have me upstairs, but after they couldn’t agree on who would take me back to my own bed I got to STAY!  Unfortunately I think I ruined my chances of doing it again any time soon when I woke my mom up by licking her face at 4am. 


And hey, if you get a chance, tell my mom good luck on her job interview today. I hope this means she’ll stop nervously pacing around the house. I don’t like that. It makes me want to bark.

Don’t forget to check on Bugs, Rufus, Ted, and Ben (I can’t believe my mom sent away my treats. It’s a good thing you’re a cool dog otherwise I’d be really upset).