Last night during (my most favorite show, quite possibly ever) The Amazing Race, TTO and I had the following conversation:

TTO:  (In regards to the donkey-wrangling) They are doing that completely wrong.

Me:  What do you mean?

TTO:  You can’t just YELL at a donkey and expect it to do what you want.  You have to talk nice to it.

Me:  I also think you could have one person lead it while the other gently pushes on it’s backside.  (As I was saying this the one team that was having so much trouble actually DID WHAT I SAID AND IT WORKED!  Am Awesome.)

TTO:  Yes, that would work too.

Me:  We totally need to apply to be on this show.

TTO:  Absolutely.  I need an opportunity to put my livestock-handling knowledge to good use.

Oh my Lord, those donkey scenes made me laugh so hard.  Welcome back, Amazing Race, I missed you so.