When Dwight said this on The Office last night I knew that it would make a perfect title for this post because it sums up the day I had yesterday. 

For the last week I’ve had what I thought was a large “blemish” (I hate the words zit and pimple) in the crease above my right eye.  My skin has been freaking out as of late so I just slapped some cream on it and waited for it to go away.  Only it didn’t.  In fact, it got bigger.  So big that it started closing in on my tear duct. 

When you have eyesight that it as terrible as mine you really worry about anything out of the ordinary near your eyes.  Unfortunately, I have also been a hypochondriac for a majority of my life and I didn’t want to overreact.  I had TTO look at it on Wednesday night and he said that it just looked like a really large “blemish”. 

At work yesterday it felt even bigger.  I had a co-worker who rarely goes to the doctor look at it.  I asked her what she would do if she were me.  “I’d make an appointment with my doctor.”  That actually scared me a little bit because, like I said, she rarely goes to the doctor.  It would have to be pretty serious in order for her to make an appointment. 

So I called the clinic and was able to get in yesterday afternoon.  My doctor looked it over and said, “This is definitely NOT a blemish”.  It turns out that it’s an infected eye duct.  How this came to be is a mystery, but she gave me antibiotics in both pill and cream form.  I also need to do hot compresses.  If these don’t work I’ll need to go back in to have it drained.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Just what I want, a big needle right by my eye.

Dwight?  You were so, so right.

NaBloPoMo posts will hopefully resume later today.