Here it is, November 1st.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that we made it through October without snow or extreme cold.  It will make the winter feel that much shorter.

Today is also the beginning of NaBloPoMo.  I mentioned a little while ago that I had a plan, so here it goes.  You know that there are 30 days in November, right?  You also might know that I have a list?  Of thirty things I want to do before turning 30 (duh lady, it’s only the title of your blog)?  See how neatly they coincide? 

Each day in November I’m going to dissect one of the items on my list.  I haven’t been very list-focused as of late for two reasons.  First, there are a few things that need to be changed.  I want to delete some items and add others.  I originally wrote the list back in June and I was in a hurry while writing it.  There were a few things that made the list that really don’t fit for one reason or another.  Either they aren’t something that can be completely done and crossed off or I just don’t feel as strongly about them as I did five months ago. 

Second, I really haven’t worked to do anything on it since the 5k.  It’s really sad that I’ve only been able to cross one thing off in 5 months.  Obviously it’s time to get my rear in gear.  A lot of what is on the list warrants a more in-depth explanation.  There are funny, sad and just plain off the wall stories that I want to tell.  I’m hoping that really digging into these things will provide entertainment for you and motivation for me. 

There will probably be days where I post more than once so I can cover The List and things like the new Tuesday Tunes and Friday Photos.  I am really excited about this challenge.  I just hope my hamster wheel dial up connection will cooperate on the weekends. 

I’ll post the first real installment later today.