The correct answer for yesterday’s song trivia is:

“I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd 

Go here if you want to see them perform on Soul Train.  Please respect the color-coordinated suits.

Because they each got one half of the answer correct KM and Jenni will both receive something “real nice”.  Please e-mail me with your addresses and I will get your prizes out by the end of the week.

Maybe I don’t get out enough, but I thought this was fun.  I’m thinking it should be a weekly feature. 

I was telling Audrey yesterday that my mom is really into music (playing piano and singing) and my dad always seemed to have the radio on.  They really encouraged me to explore what I liked in terms of music.  That might explain why my CD collection is so seemingly random.  I have Buddy Holly, classic rock and lots of country from my dad.  My affection for James Taylor, Carole King, standards and all Christmas music comes from my mom.

When I started listening to my own music I completely fell off the deep end – hip hop, rap, grunge, pop, 50s and 60s beach tunes, disco, Motown – I went through a lot of phases.  I’m still not sure what my “genre” would be.  Crazy, possibly? 

That’s why I think keeping this as a weekly contest would be great.  Everyone will always have a chance because I won’t stick to one type of music. Plus I love sending mail almost as much as I like to receive it.  The only rule that I would like to follow (for now anyway) is no Googling (cheaters!).   I have no way of enforcing it though so we’ll operate on the honor system.

What do you think?  Will you play along?