Last night I was organizing my CDs and I came across a few blank ones.  I knew that they were mixes I’d made in college so I threw them in my bag thinking they’d be fun to listen to on my way to work.

Oh Lord.  I had to share the playlist of one in particular because it is so random.  And awesomely bad.

Please consider that this was made at least six years ago and should not be any indication of my current musical tastes.  It was also probably put together during an all-nighter.  I still enjoyed the heck out of it this morning.

I Just Wanna Love You – Jay Z
(The inspiration for my new tagline.)

Girls, Girls, Girls – Jay Z

H.O.V.A. – Jay Z
(Are we seeing a bit of a trend?)

Hey Baby – No Doubt

That’s The Way Love Goes – N’Sync’s cover of Janet Jackson
(This is surprisingly enjoyable.  Remind me to tell you about the time I saw them in concert.  That’s right.  I did.)

I’m Just A Girl – No Doubt

Seven Days – Craig David

Fill Me In – Craig David

Once In My Life – Craig David
(Whatever happened to this guy? I was obviously a fan.)

Spend My Life With You – Eric Benet (the ex-Mr. Halle Berry)

Now That I’ve Found You – O-town
(Completely ridiculous, but I really liked them for a few months for some inexplicable reason)

End of the Road – Boys II Men
(The quintessential junior high school dance song. Why I was listening to it as a college senior escapes me.)

While You Loved Me – Rasacal Flatts
(How the heck does a country song fit in with the rest of these?!)

Satisfaction – Britney Spears’ cover of The Rolling Stones

Slave 4 U – Britney Spears
(Britney, please come back! You used to be so awesome.)

Crazy Love – Brian McKnight
(I like the Ray Charles/Van Morrison version better.)

He Loves U Not – Dream
(The precursor to Danity Kane. A young, all girl band put together by P.Diddy. I believe this was their only song. As is the case with most bands put together by P.Diddy.)

Cruisin’ – Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow
(This was from the movie Duets. Don’t ask me how I remember this. D’Angelo’s version is far superior although I love Huey Lewis’ voice. Shut up.)

Please don’t laugh at me. At least not too hard.