Why is it that when I only get 2.5 hours of sleep I am so much more chipper in the morning than I am when I get 7-8 hours?  Oh sure, I’ll crash tonight and probably be back to my normal cranky-before-11 self tomorrow but right now everything is positively rosy.

Why only 2.5 hours you might be asking?  Bad bout of insomnia?  Nope.  Reading a book that was too great to put down?  I wish.  While most people might spend their Monday night relaxing with Dancing with the Stars or The Bachelor, I decided that it was high time to paint a dresser. 

That’s right.  I painted a dresser.

There was absolutely no reason for this dresser to be painted last night.  It’s been sitting in our spare bedroom for well over a year storing tablecloths and other random things that don’t have a place.  The dresser was given to us for free along with a twin bed from a co-worker of TTO’s.  Over the weekend I decided that it would be great to use it for storing all of my craft supplies.  However in it’s fake wood and brass handled glory it just wasn’t good enough.

As I was finishing up with the daily episode of One Tree Hill,  I decided that I really needed to just DO something.  My messed up mind decided that the dresser was just the thing.  Sure, I could have cleaned the bathroom or gone on a much needed grocery shopping trip, but that would have been RATIONAL.  Instead I hauled the dresser upstairs to the kitchen (hard surface, easier to clean up), repaired the drawers (Yay!  I really need to hammer more things.  It was fun.), and did a coat of primer. 

While the primer was drying I ran around and did a bunch of other small chores.  I kept up that same cycle for two coats of paint.  By the third coat I had determined that my little 1 1/2 paintbrush just wasn’t cutting it.  So I headed to Menards (like a regional Home Depot, in case you don’t have one) to pick up a roller.    

TTO called as I walked in the door.  When I told him that I’d just gotten home he asked where I had been.  I’m pretty sure he thought that I’d finally picked up groceries since I’d been putting it off for a few days.  Our conversation went a little like this:

Anna: “Okay, I KNOW that this is absolutely crazy.  I know.  Really, I do, but I decided to paint that dresser.”

TTO:  “Really?”  (I could practically hear the eyebrow raise from the other end of the phone.)

Anna:  “I don’t know why.  It just seemed like the thing to do.”

TTO: “Okay?”  (She’s at it again.  At least this doesn’t sound as bad as the family room project.) 

Anna:  “I had to put Gus in his crate so he wouldn’t get into the paint.  I’m doing it in the kitchen.”   

TTO:  “The kitchen???”  (WTF!)

Anna:  “Just easier that way.”

TTO:  “Okay.  Well, I’ve got to go.  Have a good night.”

He was pretty much unfazed.  Obviously this is not the first time I have done something like this.  Or worse.  I am very lucky that he is willing to put up with me.

Once I get on a roll like this it’s hard to stop.  I was getting so much done – laundry, de-cluttering, working out.  After days and days of procrastination and low productivity it felt so good.  If I wouldn’t have had to work this morning it’s very likely that I would have just stayed up until TTO got home from work and then slept the day away with him.  This happens from time to time when he works weekend nights.

Painting didn’t really take me until 2:30.  It was all of the other little stuff I was trying to get done.  I’m still amazed that I hit the elliptical for a half hour – from 11:30 to midnight.  Must have been the paint fumes.

The dresser probably needs one more coat of paint and then knobs and pretty paper to line the drawers. 

I probably need a lobotomy.