Yesterday, thanks to a link from the lovely -R- at And You Know What Else I had my biggest blogging day ever.  I hope that you enjoyed your visit and that you will keep coming back.

Since I’m a little new around these blogging parts, you might not be able to learn too much about me from my archives. You were nice enough to stop by so it’s only fair that I do a better job of introducing myself.

I think the best way to accomplish this is with a 100 things list. I haven’t done one of these yet and I’m not sure if I can make it to 100, but I’ll sure try.

1. My name is Anna.
2. I hated it growing up. I desperately wanted to be a Jennifer or Jessica. I didn’t meet any other Annas until college.
3. I really like it now. It’s also become a lot more common. When I’m out and I look when I hear someone calling my name it’s normally directed at a much smaller person.
4. I share a middle name with my mom.
5. When I got married I kept my maiden name as a middle name as well.
6. My grandma had done this and I thought it was a good idea.  I didn’t want to give up my maiden name, but I still wanted to take TTO’s last name.  I’m not fond of hyphens.
7. Filling out forms is very difficult when you have two middle initials and they only give space for one.
8. My husband has a very Scandinavian sounding name. His mom wanted to name him Sven, but his dad vetoed that.
9. No one ever says his name right the first time. Especially telemarketers.
10. While there were no other Annas growing up, I went to school with at least three other boys that had TTO’s name.
11. Our last name is also Scandinavian.
12. However, I am more German than anything else.
13. I have one sister, Alice (not her real name).
14. She is 7 years younger.
15. For a very long time we didn’t have much in common, but we’re starting to form a good bond now.
16. Alice is a licensed cosmetologist.
17. This works out very well for me as I get my hair cut and colored and my eyebrows waxed on a very regular schedule for very little money.
18. Right now my hair is medium-short and brown.
19. It is normally longer and blonde.
20. I’m still not used to myself in the mirror.
21. I have terrible eyesight.
22. I started wearing glasses in second grade. I cried when I got them because I thought they were ugly.
23. I was right.
24. I switched to contacts in eighth grade.
25. I would like to try Lasik, but I’m not a good candidate because my prescription keeps getting worse.
26. I lost a lens the morning of my wedding and I’d forgotten my backups.  My dad had to drive to my house – 30 minutes one way – to get a replacement so I could see.
27. TTO and I have been married for just over two years.
28. Our anniversary is July 16.
29. It was over 100 degrees the day we got married.
30. We went to Mexico for our honeymoon. In August.
31. I am not a fan of super hot weather so I can’t really explain either of these situations.
32. But I am cold a lot of the time. I have been known to turn my space heater on at work during the summer. (The air conditioning in our building is way too cold.)
33. TTO is always hot.
34. We try not to argue too much about the thermostat because neither of us will ever win.
35. We don’t really argue much at all.
36. I’m very non-confrontational. When I’m angry I like to think about it for a while before saying anything. I want to make sure my anger is justified and not irrational.
37. It’s usually irrational.
38. When we do fight my chosen weapon is the silent treatment.
39. I recently discovered that talking him to death might be more effective – per Jordan and Perry on Scrubs.
40. I am a big TV fan.
41. I don’t know how I lived without a DVR.
42. My current favorite shows are Friday Night Lights, The Office, Project Runway, Amazing Race, How I Met Your Mother, Lost and just about anything on HGTV.
43. My guilty pleasure shows are One Tree Hill (which I started watching on SoapNet) and Gossip Girl.
44. I would love to participate in a TV game show.
45. I was banned from watching HGTV for a little while because I was taking on way too many home improvement projects.
46. There are rooms in our house that have been painted three times in the two and a half years we’ve owned it.
47. It’s a bit of an addiction.
48. I’ve started offering my painting services to friends and family because I enjoy it so much.
49. My mom used to wait until my dad went out of town to paint or change rooms around.
50. He always knew she was going to do it.
51. One time he got home very late and I had fallen asleep in their bed so he went to put me in my own. He didn’t know that my mom had moved it that day. We fell to the floor and he broke his nose.
52. This didn’t stop my mom’s Martha Stewart-ing.
53. I have inherited her desire for all things crafty.
54. She is much more skilled at it than I am.
55. The only thing I don’t do is scrapbook. I just don’t get it. Photo albums are just fine for me.
56. I love to bake.
57. I’m a much better baker than cook because in baking you have to follow the rules. Cooking is better if you do a little of this and a little of that. I’m not good at coloring outside the lines.
58. I have only made one completely disastrous meal.
59. It was Rachael Ray’s Vodka Penne.
60. We would have been better off doing shots.
61. I got drunk for the first time when I was 14.
62. I didn’t stick with that group of friends for very long.
63. I grew up in a small town.
64. When we were able to drive my friends and I would go to neighboring towns and cruise around for hours.
65. If we tried to do that now we’d go broke.
67. I was a choir geek in high school.
68. We called our choir director Cruella. She was mean and I think she hated me in particular.
69. I was also a cheerleader. For one basketball season. I tried out on a dare.
70. I mainly did it because I liked one of the guys on the team.
71. I have always been interested in sports. I am not athletic by any stretch of the imagination but I love being a spectator.
72. I listen to sports talk radio.
73. No one ever believes that.
74. While some girls drool over musicians or artists I was always into jocks.
75. My husband calls me a jersey chaser.
76. I don’t think that’s accurate, as he does not wear jerseys.
77. It bugs me when you ask people what music they listen to and they say everything. Do you suppose that includes Celtic chants?
78. I doubt it.
79. I listen to a wide variety of styles, but not everything.
80. In high school when people were getting into Nirvana and Pearl Jam, I listened to Jodeci and D’Angelo.
81. I have no idea how a white girl from a farm town found them.
82. I also prefer Buddy Holly and the Beach Boys over the Beatles.
83. My favorite concert experience was seeing James Taylor with my mom.
84. I like singing along with country music in the car.
85. Our wedding song was “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green.
86. I first heard it on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.
87. I have never seen Pulp Fiction.
88. Violent movies and I don’t get along very well.
89. I left the theater in tears during Black Hawk Down. My friends made fun of me.
90. I had nightmares for weeks afterward.
91. I don’t really watch many movies and I don’t have a favorite.
92. My first real celebrity crush (aside from Jordan from New Kids on the Block) was Chris O’Donnell.
93. My current love is John Krasinski from The Office.
94. I think that’s because he reminds me so much of TTO.
95. My favorite color is blue. But my favorite bedroom growing up was yellow (remember #49 – they changed a lot).
96. I love strawberry ice cream, but I usually buy cookies n’ cream or other vanilla-based choices.
97. My worst job ever was picking raspberries at a raspberry farm. I’m still not a huge fan of eating them.
98. I don’t like coffee. I get my caffeine from Diet Mt. Dew.
99. I can’t sleep with my closet door open.
100. I like to eat potato chips with ketchup on them.

That’s weird. Even though I made it through 100 things I still don’t feel like I’ve said all that much.

I also realized that I only have no pictures of myself on here. That is mainly due to the fact that a majority of my blogging happens from my work computer and I seem to only have Gus pictures saved. We have a very SLOOOOW dial up connection at home – soon to be fixed as TTO and I agreed to upgrade to a laptop and wireless for our Christmas gift this year. Also, they don’t monitor our internet usage at work. It’s one of the benefits of working for a very small company. Anyway, pictures will be uploaded soon. I promise.