I wasn’t the only one in a crappy mood yesterday.  TTO was also super cranky when he came home from work (he may be painted with a very saintly brush in the previous post, but he has his not-so-pleasant moods as well).  He even yelled at Gus to stop sniffing around.  Um, the dog does that all the time. 

We’re headed to Mexico next month and in preparation TTO bought a tanning package for both of us to use.  I know, I know, it’s dangerous, but so is blinding an entire foreign country with our whiteness.  We decided to head out to the salon together and in the car we had the following conversation:

TTO:  “Blah, blah, whining about this, crabbing about that.”  (I am a good listener, no?)

Anna:  With complete sarcasm , “Why is it always about YOU?”  Eyeroll.


TTO:  Shrieking laughter.

Then I started laughing too. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is why I married the man.  In the throes of a horrible, no good, very bad day we are able to make each other laugh.  Even if we are still snarling at everyone else.

I am going to refrain from talking about what happened once we arrived at the salon.  Suffice it to say that through no fault of ours I ended up reading a People magazine in the lobby while TTO immersed himself in faux sunlight.  My pastiness rages on.

I can only trace our mutual bad attitudes to the fact that I made French dip sandwiches for dinner on Monday.  This is the only common thing we have shared over the last few days.  Watch out – au jus=crabby ass juice.