Exactly two years ago today I came home to find a tiny lump of a tiger striped puppy with a smooshed face trying to make himself at home on our couch.  He had more skin than actual body (this would quickly change).  He was scared and trembly and so terribly cuddly.  I was instantly enamored.

We had talked about getting a dog prior to the wedding and had been researching breeds, visiting shelters and obsessively checking Petfinder.com.  We had already decided on a name.  We thought we had finally found our little family addition – a 7 month old boxer/bulldog mix from a small family breeder.  When TTO called to find out more he discovered that the dog we were interested in had already been adopted.  I was very sad, but resigned myself to start the search again.

What TTO didn’t tell me was that the same breeder had told him they did have three month old puppies that were almost ready to go to new homes.  He made arrangements to see them on his next day off.  There were seven puppies that all clamored to the fence to see him when TTO stood at the fence, but the one with the tiger stripes that stuck around after all of the other puppies had gone on their merry little way became our Gus.

He can sit, shake and speak.  He prefers to lay on the right end of the couch as opposed to the left.  He tears through soft toys so he can reach and destroy the squeaker.  He will do anything for any kind of salty snack – Pringles and Goldfish crackers especially.  He is gentle with small children but very protective of his home and his humans.  He is the Wonder Dog.  

It may seem weird to be so sentimental about a dog.  My family thinks I’ve cracked.  There have been a few dogs in my past that were certainly special, but there is something different about Gus.  He may be a pain in the ass some of the time, but he is always there standing in the front window, wagging his little stump, waiting for me to come in and play. 

TTO and I tried to determine which of us Gus prefers and honestly, for a dog, he’s very diplomatic.  He seems to like us equally.  He knows that I’m quick with the treats, but TTO is more fun to play with.  He’s won over just about everyone he’s come in contact with – an unlikely mix of ugly/cute and charm.

Seriously, who could resist this face?

 Anna 134

Happy Two Years, Gus-Gus.