So I obviously haven’t mentioned much about the list lately.  That’s probably because I haven’t really done much with it.  I’ve been looking at my 30 things and I feel like the list needs a bit of revamping.   That will probably come over the weekend.  There has actually been some progress on a few of the smaller things, but I have one large one looming over me right now. 

The 5k is this weekend. 

Remember back in June/July when I was running a lot?  I could almost do the entire thing without walking?  Well, I’ll be happy now if I run at least half.  There were a lot of circumstances that led to not keeping up with the program but most importantly – I got very lazy.  I’m still going to go on Saturday and give it my best effort, but I will not be crossing this off of my list until I RUN an entire 5k. 

On Friday night I decided to go for a run (AKA walk/slow jog) with TTO and Gus to see just how out of shape I’d become.  I barely even made it off of our property before it happened.  I somehow tripped on our grass and landed in the street.  Amazingly enough I sucked it up and continued with the run.  I ended up with a scraped up knee, sore ankle and bruised palm.  Every time I wash my hands I forget it’s there and end up trying to wash it off thinking it’s some kind of dirt smudge.  While it’s not as creative as my effort the other day, it wins points because I managed to hurt three separate areas of my body and I have visible marks on two.