I am still bogged down with this darn cold.  Seriously?  I think two weeks is long enough!  I am over the Phoebe-style raspy voice and I know that TTO is sick of the whining.

Anyway, last night I was doing some work on the computer when I heard TTO’s high-pitched laugh.  This is something that only gets broken out when he is seriously amused by something.  When he collected himself he called me down to see what was so funny. 

He was watching the premiere of Beauty and the Geek.  This is not a show that we watch regularly.  Oh.My.Goodness.  What a mess!

What really got him was when one of the girls was asked for her IQ.  She responded, “a little bit higher than not that dumb.”  Wow.  While it was funny at the time, it also made me a little sad.  One of the other girls said that she never reads.  At most a half page article in a magazine.  I just can’t believe this.   I know not everyone reads the way I do, but NEVER?  How can you not want to know things beyond whether the amount of drinks that will be purchased for you will offset what you paid for your boob job? 

I am not a genius.  I’m not always completely up to date on current events and  I certainly have my dumb blonde moments – especially when it comes to doing math in my head or giving directions (I once told TTO to go “up” when I really meant north), but I feel remorse over these things, not pride.

I am a firm believer that strong common sense almost always trumps book smarts.  Neither of my parents went to college, but they are two of the most intelligent people I have ever known.  My mom can take a pile of junk and turn it in to fabulous home decor without batting an eye.  She makes meals from scratch without recipes.  My dad is an encyclopedia when it comes to anything related to cars, home repair, yard maintenance and sports.

Have these girls just been given so much (including a TV show!) that they really don’t need to know anything?  What happens to people like this when their supposed beauty fades or their athletic ability (have to include the not-so-bright boys as well) wears off and people are no longer interested in them? 

I guess I’m a lot happier being average with the occasional interesting thing to say than I would be if I were “beautiful” with an empty head.