For over a week now I’ve been bogged down by a particularly wretched end of summer cold.  I missed a day of work last week and spent a gorgeous Saturday inside sleeping on the couch and watching bad TV. 

By Sunday I was fed up.  TTO and I had made plans a few weeks ago to go to Red Wing and climb Barn Bluff.  Even though we lived so close neither of us had ever made it up the “mountain”.  Even though I still wasn’t feeling great I decided I needed to get off my butt and outside the house. 

I have never been the most adventurous or outdoorsy person.  I like the idea of doing things but the follow through has always been sketchy.  I’m trying to stretch myself and really experience new opportunities.  This adventure was not the grandest but it involved doing something I don’t normally do (hiking) in a place I’d never been.  It felt really good.

It was a beautiful fall day, the trails were not crowded – most of the people we encountered were there for rock climbing, not hiking and we had a great time.  We didn’t really know what we were doing so we ended up taking the long way around to get to the top.  I think we appreciated the view more because we’d worked harder to get there.  Like all things in life I suppose.

There were tons of steps all embossed with the names of the people that had donated money to have them built.  We even came across one with TTO’s initials and our last name.  I love odd bits of history like this.  As I was climbing the (many) stairs I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of people they might have been or why they chose to donate their money to the steps.  It was a little sad to see that many of the original steps were removed due to highway construction.   

I have a really bad habit of not living in the moment.  I will stop having fun and enjoying myself on vacations about midway through because all I can think about is going home and going back to work.  I never enjoy Sunday afternoons because I’m too caught up in the approaching week.  This annoys TTO to no end and I can certainly understand.  I don’t know where it started, but I do know that it needs to end.

I think among all of the improvements I’m trying to make, changing this outlook is extremely important.  I made a concious effort on Sunday to only think about the right here and right now.  It made a huge difference!  I was actually surprised at how relaxing the day felt.  I really focused on the conversations we were having instead of making a mental list of all the things that needed doing when we got home. 

Each night this week I’ve tried to take the same approach.  I’ve enjoyed making dinner and taken my time eating it.  I’ve watched TV without trying to do three other things at the same time.  I’ve gone to bed at a reasonable hour without feeling guilty about all of the things I didn’t get done.  I feel so much more at ease.  Maybe I’m finally figuring it out.  Or it could just be an overdose of DayQuil.