This weekend was so full I have to quickly put it in bullet form so I don’t forget anything.

  • Attended C’s rehearsal dinner on Friday night.  It was really great to spend more time with C, D and M.
  • Spent Saturday morning running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to wrap up all of the last minute wedding and camping errands.  I ended up being an hour late.  I used to think of myself as being punctual, but over the last few years that has become completely false.  Alice did my hair and M’s.  It was fun to have that bonding time – it reminded me a lot of high school.
  • Was able to hold a very adorable baby while all of the other girls were getting ready.  This did nothing to help my baby fever.
  • Performed my ushering duties to the best of my ability at C’s wedding.  D, M and I stood at the back of the tent (outdoor wedding) together through the entire ceremony.  It was a really neat experience.  Until I got stung by a bee.
  • TTO looked extremely handsome in his new tie.  Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture until the end of the night which was not so great due to the fact that I…
  • Consumed about three too many glasses of wine.  I had a great time and didn’t really make too much of a fool out of myself.  I did have to be shushed a few times though.
  • Wanted to die, or at least sleep on the bathroom floor when I got up on Sunday morning.  I managed to shower and get dressed, but could not eat the breakfast that TTO had so nicely made for me.
  • Spent the entire 90 minute trip to the cabin breathing deeply and willing myself not to get sick.
  • After arriving at the cabin everyone but me went out on the pontoon.  Just looking at the boat made me ill so I stayed behind and took an embarassingly long nap.
  • Watched Gus in all of his glory playing with another couple’s dog.  He was so exhausted when we got home yesterday that he could barely move.  TTO thinks he’s sore from all the running and swimming.  Probably true.
  • Saw an awesome fireworks display over the lake.  We thought it was over 5 times, but they just kept going.  Very cool.
  •  Got very lucky coming home yesterday and hit no traffic.  Spent a few hours putting things away, doing laundry and planning for the week.  Also called D and M.  Tried to call C, but she’s likely still wrapped up in newlywed bliss.  Made a promise to myself that I will start calling them every week just so we keep better track of each other.
  • Made plans to have dinner with my parents on Wednesday.
  • Tried very hard not to be too jealous of all of the people around us that are having babies.  Really, it seems like it’s just about everyone else.  For someone that said she didn’t want kids – ever – for almost ten years, this is a bit of a surprise.
  • Felt extremely grateful to have such a wonderful husband, great friends, fabulous family and a terrific life.

Whew.  That’s a lot to cram into three days.  It didn’t go by too fast or too slow which seems strange. 

Even though I’m no longer a student, Labor Day weekend still offers a great opportunity to start fresh.  I just need to remind myself to take baby steps and that I can’t change everything over night.  Work on the list was pretty stagnant for August.  I need to get more focused and stop procrastinating.  I guess that means that I need to go for a run tonight, head to the library some time this week and get cracking on those house projects.