I still just can’t seem to process what’s happened.  I spent most of yesterday morning answering calls from concerned vendors and outside contacts.  “Yes, we’re all okay.”  “Yes, it’s terrible.”  “No, we’re really not sure what’s going to happen next.”

They’ve decreased the number of the missing, which is encouraging, but it doesn’t help the grief for those who now know for sure that their loved ones aren’t coming back.  It won’t take away the fear that the children on the schoolbus felt and will continue to feel.  It doesn’t make the recovery workers job any easier.

I’m angry that this situation is already taking a political bent.  State against federal.  Republican versus Democrat.  Don’t they realize that’s not the point?  What we need to do is make sure that this never, ever happens again.  No matter what the cost or implications might be.

I read a quote this morning from Mayor R.T. Rybak and it really sums up how I’m feeling right now. 

“I think the toughest part for this community will be the part that’s most critical, which is as the days and weeks and even years go by, whether people can sustain the compassion we’re going to need.”

We’ve seen so much compassion in light of this tragedy.  People putting their own safety in danger to help the victims.  But how long will it last?  Once the debris is cleared and it’s no longer on the nightly news will people still remember what happened?  

I’ve heard and read already that people are complaining about extended commutes and traffic.  I can’t quite believe that people are really that selfish.  You’re ALIVE.  Yes, your drive to work might take an extra 20 minutes.  You might have to sit in gridlock more often.  But you get to see your family and they get to see you.  Be THANKFUL. 

I’d been holding in tears all day yesterday but I finally broke down in sobs last night.  I am so fortunate.  I wish that there was more I could do.  I’m praying.  I made an appointment to give blood tonight after work.  It doesn’t feel like it’s enough.   

The original purpose of the list was for me to start living life more fully.  The need for that feels even stronger now.