Big Daddy called last night around 6:30.  “I just wanted to make sure you were home.  The bridge on 35W collapsed.”  I told TTO to turn back to the news and there it was.

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

TTO quickly called his mom to make sure she was okay.  She was working in her warehouse about a mile from the bridge.  She’d been across the bridge twice yesterday.  The last time just a few hours before the collapse. 

It looked like something out of a blockbuster action movie.  When they showed the school bus the tears started.  I sometimes worry that I’m too jaded or desensitized to things like this so it was a relief to cry.  Big Daddy and Mamacita stopped by on their way home from doing errands and we watched the footage together.  I hugged each of them a little tighter when they left.

Around 10 last night we found out that a friend of TTO’s family was on the bridge when it happened.  He has a pretty severe back injury, but he’s going to be okay.  My thoughts today are with him and the other survivors.  I’ve been saying constant prayers for the families of the missing and lost, the rescue workers and my own family.

When you live in an area that is defined by water, bridges are a way of life. They start to blend in to the landscape. I cross a long bridge every day. This morning I gripped the steering wheel a little tighter with my stomach in my throat. I made sure I had a window open, just in case. I don’t think I’ll ever take crossing a bridge for granted again.