Apparently it’s injury week at Casa de TB30.  In the past three days I have done the following:

  • Opened the car door smack into my forehead.  In the parking lot at Target.  While people were watching. 
  • Scraped a large chunk of skin off of my knuckle while putting laundry in the basket.  It’s formed a very nice scab.
  • Burned the underside of my left wrist while pulling a pan out of the oven.
  • And just this morning I got a big gash in my foot from the shower door handle.  I missed big time when I put my leg up in order to shave.

It’s quite the coincidence that my name means grace, don’t you think.  My parents sure nailed that one.

 It’s amazing that in all of the times that I’ve sustained injuries I’ve never broken a bone.  If there were an award for oddest ways of hurting oneself I don’t know that I’d win, but I would certainly be a runner up.  A few examples:

  • While ice skating as a kid I fell and hit the side of my head on the boards around the rink.  Then I bonked the back of my head on the ice as I fell off of the boards.  I blacked out.  I’m sure I got a concussion, but because I never threw up as a kid it wasn’t checked out.
  • I have a scar on my big toe from the time I ran from my grandma’s house to ours and slipped on the gravel driveway.  My dad yelled at me for running while wearing flip flops.
  • In high school phy ed we had a unit on step aerobics.  They made us do it in our socks on the mats in the wrestling room.  My friend and I decided to race.  I slipped off of the side of the step.  My foot hurt the rest of the day but I didn’t think much of it.  Until I took my shoe off and my foot instantly expanded to about three times its size.  I had torn a few tendons and was on crutches for weeks.
  • One morning while on spring break during college I woke up with a dark, black bruise the size of a softball on my thigh.  I had no idea where it came from and neither did anyone in my group.  It took over six months to completely fade.
  • The winter before I got married I was trying to be good about exercising.  I went to do situps before bed and misjudged the distance between my body and my dresser.  I ended up smacking the back of my head so hard I saw stars.  This began the most painful and long lasting injury of my life, but that’s another post.

This list does not include the multitude of times I’ve hit my head on one thing or another.  It’s a common occurrence.  I think it’s because my head is so large.  It’s always getting in the way.  TTO has threatened me with a helmet.