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You can probably guess what I did this weekend by reading the post below.  One of my best friends, C, is getting married this coming Saturday and I went to her bachelorette party.

Everyone had a great time.  We were shushed at one bar and harassed by a dancing drunk man at another.  Unfortunately our other two close friends had other parties to attend that night and could only stay for a little while.   Since I missed getting one from her shower a few weeks ago, I made sure that the four of us got at least one picture together before we went our separate ways. 

It amazed me that even though time has passed, this picture was so similar to the others we’ve taken over the years.  One serious shot, one goofy.  M and I on the ends as the “short ones”.  I have been friends with these girls longer than I can remember.  I was friends with D as a Daisy Girl Scout.  C and I became friends in third grade when I told her she could come to my birthday party if she let me cut in front of her in line.  I met M on my first day of 7th grade and we were practically inseparable from that point on.

Not everyone is lucky enough to maintain such long term friendships.  Sure, we don’t get to spend nearly as much time together as we’d like and we’ve made other friends, but these girls and the stories that we share are such a part of who I am that no matter where they might be or how long we go without seeing each other they will always be close to me. 

D – I will never forget the night you spent at my house and had a nightmare.  You made me wake my mom up at 3 am to ask to take you home.  She said no.  I’ve never met anyone that is as intimidated by bugs as you are, yet be so strong about everything else.  I admired your guts when you asked EP to prom so many years ago.  I never could have done that.  Thank you for teaching me to not be afraid. If E doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have you and buy you a ring already he’s a fool.  

C – I appreciate you reminding me not to take myself so seriously.  While I told you each and every time I started dating someone new that I had never felt that way about anyone, you were kind enough to play along and not make fun of me (until now).  You taught me that it’s okay to look someone in the eye when I’m angry with them instead of staring above their head.  I sincerely regret the few years that we didn’t talk.  It warms my heart to see you so happy after all of the garbage those dumb boys put you through. 

M – I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but you saved my life when you agreed to live with me for that year.  I was in such a dark place when we leased the apartment and by the time we moved out I was healed thanks to you.  The way you handle your kids with such grace and patience has inspired me to want to be a mom.  As with Anne and Diana, you are most certainly my “bosom friend”.   

We’ll have a chance to be together again on Saturday as C becomes Mrs. V.  It’s one more memory that I look forward to making with these girls.


Am drunk.  Was lots of fun.  Too bad M and D couldn’t stay.  Kelley is awesome.  Can’t wait fofr the wedding nexgt weekend.

going t bed.  is tired.

As you could probably tell, last week was not the best. I know better than to talk about work on here, so I won’t. I’m feeling a lot more optimistic about things today mostly because my weekend turned out to be pretty great.

TTO and I went to my company’s annual dinner on Friday and it was really enjoyable.  An unexpected bonus sure didn’t hurt.  Afterwards we met up with some friends at the beer tent of a local fair.  It was fun and relaxing and exactly what we both needed after a really stressful week.  The people watching at things like that are completely priceless.

On Saturday I volunteered at a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish.  It was a neat event – a wiffleball tournament!  The organizer was super cool and he even made the nightly news.  I had to DVR it for posterity. 

When TTO got home from work we braved a thunderstorm and went out to grab a quick dinner.  We watched the rest of The Departed.  I was surprised at how good it really was.  Also, when did Matt Damon get hot again?  Seriously.  I don’t think I’ll be complaining much when we go to see the Bourne movie later this week.

Sunday I went to the Mall of America, yes, I live about 20 minutes from there.  I normally avoid it like the plague, but I really wanted to go to Sephora.  It’s been nearly six months since I’ve been in a mall.  I was extremely overwhelmed.  I bought some new makeup which I’ll try to review after I’ve had a chance to wear it for a few days.  I also stopped at Ikea for new kitchen rugs.

I was able to check a bunch of things off of my to do list last night.  It wasn’t the most exciting weekend, but it was so restful.  When I went to bed last night I felt a renewed sense of myself and was actually looking forward to the week ahead. 

I’ve started making a list of things I think would be fun to write about.  I don’t want to keep doing recaps of my days/weekends.  If anyone is out there, do you have any requests?  I could tell you the story of Gus’ introduction to my life, or maybe how not to go to Mexico in August for your honeymoon or possibly about how I convinced my sister she was an alien and my mom went along with it.

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like your soul is slowly being sucked from your body? 

That is exactly how I feel today.  I’ll try to elaborate more later, hopefully when I’m feeling more upbeat.  Also, the ugly glasses photos will have to wait until probably tomorrow.  I had more pressing photos to upload last night for a house-related matter.

I need a drink.  Or possibly just a nice long nap.

I was going through my jewelry box last night and I found an old “life list”. I’m not sure exactly how old it is, but I’ve actually already accomplished a few of the things on it. I was a little surprised at how similar it is to the Thirty Before 30 list. I guess I shouldn’t be considering I’ve been thinking about a lot of these things since high school. There are items that I still want to do, but I didn’t think were reasonable for a 2.5 year time frame. The old list is below, with my comments.

1. Help build a Habitat for Humanity House. This is on the current list as well. I still can’t figure out where this desire comes from.
2. Visit all 50 states. I’m not even halfway there and most of the states on my list were just pass throughs. I didn’t spend any considerable time there. This is definitely a long term goal.
3. Meet a United States President. Hmm. I don’t know about this one. I guess it could fit with the meeting a celebrity on the 30 list.
4. Own a convertible. My current vehicle has a sunroof. Does that count?
5. Throw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game. I still REALLY want to do this. I’m just not sure how to make it happen.
6. Get a Masters Degree. I’m not sure about this anymore. I often consider additional schooling but I don’t know if it will be a Masters.
7. Volunteer for the Special Olympics. I want to do this as well, but Make-A-Wish got my time first. I feel like I need to do a lot more volunteer work with several different organizations. The Special Olympics are important to me because of the work my mom does. I’ll have to explain that later.
8. Write a Book. Ha. Ha. Not so much.
9. Get Married. Yay! Accomplished. And I did pretty darn well if I do say so myself.
10. Learn to play the guitar. The guitar my parents gave me for Christmas years ago is in the crawl space at my house. I took a few lessons, but I felt like I couldn’t get the hang of it. Maybe I’ll try again.
11. Go to mass at the Vatican. Definitely on the life list. A trip to Italy just isn’t in the cards for the next several years.
12. Have a baby. Also on the 30 list. Although after what I witnessed at Ikea last night I’m not so sure I still want to do this. 3 families, approximately 15-20 kids, a minimum of three meltdowns, one child laying in the middle of the main aisle and not moving and two young boys hanging and swinging from a display coat rack. I can’t handle that kind of chaos.
13. Teach a class in something. I don’t know what I could possibly be capable of teaching. How to Procrastinate in 10 (or 1) Easy Steps? Creative Excuses for Skipping Workouts?
14. Own my own business. Definitely still on the list. I’m just not sure what kind of business and I think that’s probably pretty important.
15. Be happy with the way I look. **Silence**
16. Go to New York City at Christmastime. This has long been a dream of my mom’s and I’d really like to do it with her.
17. Sing with a band. The only singing I’ve done in the last 9 years (since high school choir) has been in the car, shower or bad karaoke.
18. Own a home. DONE! Our pretty little green house got a new roof yesterday. I think we were in a bit over our heads when we bought it and home ownership is still daunting at times, but I love the life we’ve built there. And the training we’ve gotten fixing the mistakes the previous owners made.
19. Learn to sew. Also on the 30 list. I might bring out the sewing machine this weekend and attempt some pillows. We supposedly learned to do this in 8th grade home ec, but I think my mom actually did mine.
20. Go to Disneyworld. I’ve been to Disneyland, but not Disneyworld. My parents wanted to make sure my sister and I were “old enough to appreciate it” when we went. I was 20, Alice was 13. We had a great time.
21. Learn to speak another language. Another 30 list repeat.
22. Take a cross-country road trip. I’ve wanted to do this since long before I could drive. This might have to wait until retirement.
23. See the Northern Lights. I’ve seen bits, but not the whole deal. I’ve heard good things, but I want to see them for myself.
24. Cook a Thanksgiving Dinner by myself. DONE! I’ve also done Easter. I had quite a bit of help with both, but no one got food poisoning so I consider it a success.
25. Swim with dolphins. I think we might try to do this when we go to Mexico in November.
26. Pay off student loans. 4 more years TTO says. Ha! I say. Looking back I would have done a lot of things differently, but I just have to suck it up and make those payments each month.
27. Pay off car loan. The car this list references was paid off and then traded in. The new car? Not so much.


A few days ago Holly wrote about her ugly childhood glasses. I wore some humdingers that my friends still tease me about. I’m planning to post those tomorrow, just for fun. I’m going to have to schedule it to post because I will be experiencing a not much fun work day from early in the morning until late tomorrow night. Hopefully it will work.


Also, on a completely unrelated note – I think TTO’s workout plan is actually working. I think I just saw a bicep. I didn’t think that was possible with my marshmallow arms. Very exciting.