As I said yesterday, to get a start on writing consistently I’m giving each day a specific topic so I have a guideline for what to write.  I thought Tuesdays would be a good day to provide an update on my progress with the list.  Thus Tackling it Tuesdays – I told you I liked alliteration.

There are quite a few items on my list that are not really things to be crossed off, but things that I want to work on and things that I think will make me a better person and happier in my own skin.  I have two years and roughly 7 months to get through the list.  I know myself well enough that there will be dips and times where I feel like throwing in the towel completely.  It’s just my nature.  That’s why I feel like I need a really enthusiastic start.

First, I had TTO read my list.  I just wanted his input which was basically – yep, I’ve heard you talk about all of this stuff. How about you just do it?  Obviously he’s the one who does things and I’m the one who either watches or comes up with excuses for not doing things.

Over the last few days I’ve done the following List related things:

Went to the library and picked up the first book on the book list – Ulysses by James Joyce.  I’m a little frightened.  I love to read but I don’t know much about real literature.  It’s intimidating. 

This morning I registered for the Twin Cities Marathon 5k.  It’s on October 6th, giving me almost 12 weeks to train.  I e-mailed my cousin to tell her about it and she wrote back congratulating me and saying that she entered the lottery for the 10 mile.  Urgh.  I really have to focus on this.  I’d like to be able to run the whole thing – no walking.  I can’t express how much of a runner I am NOT.  But Zoot’s experience with her MARATHON! was really inspiring.

I also looked up information on entering a competition at the State Fair.  This is not exactly what I had in mind when I said a baking or cooking competition but I feel like it’s a good start.  I didn’t do 4-H like my mom or TTO when I was young (I was a Girl Scout!) so I never had the chance to try for a ribbon at the fair.  I think it will be fun.

Last night TTO came home with a can of white primer for the door trim.  Um?  Who are you and where is my husband?  He even did the first coats HIMSELF!  I can’t quite believe this.  I really hope it looks as good as I think it will so I can do the rest of the house.  It will be a lot of work, but I really enjoy painting.

I made a real dinner on Sunday.  With help from a store bought rotisserie turkey breast.  I made roasted potatoes and sauteed zucchini myself.  We would definitely eat this again.  Not really a go-to meal, but it would work in a pinch.  This also accomplished my new thing for the week – I’d never had a rotisserie turkey breast before.  It was delicious!  I also made guacamole and cut up fresh pineapple.

I made reservations for our anniversary dinner on Saturday.  It’s going to be a full weekend, but it will be nice to take some time for just the two of us.  We’re pretty laid back people and big fancy dinners aren’t really our thing (last year we had Chinese and a pie from Perkins!) but I’m really looking forward to this.  TTO works nights on our actual anniversary and I’ll be taking clients to dinner so we might not even see each other on the day. 

I am not a morning person but on Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn, put cinnamon rolls in the oven and drove TTO and his friend to their golf/drinking tournament.  I like doing things like that.  It might seem like an inconvenience but TTO does so much for me that I try to do smaller things like this to make his life easier.

Last night I was in major GSD (Get S*** Done) mode.  In the span of a few hours I cleaned out Gus’ crate and washed all of his bedding, cleaned the bathroom and bedroom, scrubbed the front step and door so I could put down the new mat, did two other loads of laundry, dusted all our furniture, talked TTO into vacuuming, paid bills, printed out my resume so I can work on revisions, gathered up all of the garbages, cleaned all of Gus’ piles in the yard and talked to my dad and my sister on the phone.  It felt good going to bed knowing that I’d actually accomplished something.  This non-procrastination will be very good for me.

 Tomorrow is Whatever Wednesday.  When I talk about whatever is on my mind.  This week’s topic?  Cars and Driving