This is my list – in no particular order:

1. Read the first 25 books on Modern Library’s Top 100 List  Complete the reading list I compiled here.  (Updated 11.4.07).

2. Compete in a baking or cooking competition. 
I really have no skills.  I follow recipes.  I’m not quite sure why I’m so interested/obsessed with this.  Probably too many hours of Food Network.

3. Build a wardrobe of only things I really like to wear and look good in.  Donate the rest.
I have a tendency to buy a shirt for work just because I don’t want to iron or wash something I already own.  I rarely buy “quality” and am a lot more apt to buy impulsively.  I have a few staples and thanks to What Not to Wear I’ve gotten better at knowing what works for me now I just need to put it into practice.

4. Run a 5k. When I tell my family about this, they laugh.  That should say enough.  I’m not a runner and I never have been.  Accomplished 10/6/07.

5. Finish Grandma’s History Project.
I’ve started this by interviewing my grandma about her life and experiences but right after the interview I got extremely sick with the flu and I never got back to it.  I’d like to finish it by Christmas so I can have it printed and bound for gifts.

6. Learn to really knit or crochet.
I’d really like to make afghans the way my grandma and great aunt did – I’ve tried several times and I just haven’t gotten the hang of it. 

7. Learn to drive a stick shift.
I’ve only really tried once and it was not a good experience. TTO thinks that I should start out with a tractor like he did. I’m not so sure.

8.  Try something new every week.
It can be small – new foods, new TV shows, a new route to work in the morning, but I’m really hoping for it to be expansive – seeing new places, meeting new people, forcing myself to do things outside of my comfort zone.

9. Convice TTO that we should paint all of the wood trim in our house white.
So far this is working.  I’ve talked about it casually for the last year (he probably doesn’t think it’s been casual).  We recently replaced a door and have yet to replace the trim around it.  I keep telling him we can paint that white to get a feel for what it will look like.  I think he’s only willing because more staining makes him want to break things.

10. Participate in building a Habitat for Humanity house.
This is something I’ve wanted to do since high school.  I’ve been going to a church lately that helps out for a week each summer.  It’s too late now to do much more than bake a pan of bars to send with, but maybe next year.

11. Decide on whether to get a tattoo or not.
Again, something I’ve been considering since high school.  I don’t want to get one after I have kids so it’s now or never.  I need to either determine what I want and go get it or just quit thinking about it.  I have commitment issues.  The idea of having something (besides TTO) that I can’t get rid of freaks me out.

12.  Be a mom.
I don’t care how it happens.  If I can’t have one myself we’ll pursue other options.  This will make my mother-in-law the happiest person on earth.  She just might explode.  If she doesn’t drown herself in tears first.

13.  Remember important dates.
I need to keep a calendar of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and send cards or make calls.  My mom is really good at this.  I wish I was.

14.  Learn another language.
I’d like for it to be usable.  I took several years of Spanish in high school and college, but I remember very little.  I would either try to get back into Spanish or work on American Sign Language.

15.  Be a golfer.
TTO gave me clubs for my birthday this year.  I need to practice, take lessons, play, etc. and be decent at it.

16.  Use my camera.
I have a non-digital SLR that I want to use a lot more.  I’d like to take pictures of the places and people that we love and put them up around the house.  I took a photography class in high school, but it’s probably time for a refresher. 

17. Create and maintain a blog.
Well, the creation is obviously done, now I just have to maintain it.  I’ve started about four blogs and have wimped out on each one after about two weeks.  Now that I have something more tangible to keep track of instead of my fairly boring life I’m hoping to make more of an effort.

18. Stop procrastinating.
This will likely be the hardest of all as it’s the most ingrained habit I have.  I need to stop talking and start doing.  I’ve gotten better but I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  It boils down to this – if it needs to be done, DO IT. 

19.  Volunteer with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.
I’ve already completed the orientation.  I’m waiting to receive my first newsletter and assignments.  I love this organization.  I love the fact that it doesn’t descriminate.  It’s not for just one specific cause.  It provides happiness and hope.  It helps kids and their families.  I’ll write sometime on how and why I got interested.

20. Develop my spirituality.
I’m a Catholic married to a Lutheran.  We try to attend both churches and I’m pretty good about going every week.  I know that I have a lot more to learn.  I want to read more of the Bible and pray the rosary a few times a week.  I need to pray more often.  I need to stop being afraid of God and religion and start working on a relationship with both.

21. Pay off all debt with the exception of our house.
I have fairly significant student loan debts, fortunately TTO had none.  We bought a new car last December.  We took out a home equity loan to build a deck and put on a new roof.  We’ve worked it out that we should have all of this paid off in four years.  I want to try and do it in three.

22.  Develop and follow a budget.
This is related to the previous item.  We both make a decent living.  We don’t spend beyond our means.  That said, we could save and possibly invest a lot more than we do.  This is a lot harder for me than TTO.  I’m the spender, he’s the saver. 

23.  Take TTO to see Vancouver and Portland.
Growing up we would always make the trip from Minnesota to Washington by train to visit my great aunt and uncle.  It’s a really special place for me and I want to share it with TTO.  My great aunt has passed away, but I think she would want TTO to see it too.

24. See at least 10 of the Midwest Marvels. The Easter Bunny gave me this book this year.  I am a huge sucker for roadside attractions and local history.  These should make for fun day or quick weekend trips.

25.  Learn to really use the sewing machine.
My mom gave me one for my birthday a few years ago.  I think it’s been out of the box twice.  My mom made really cute dresses for me growing up and I’d like to do the same.  However, I’d settle for some new couch pillows.

26. Participate in a TV game show.
It was always my dream to be on The Price is Right. As much as I love Drew Carey (seriously, I’ve had a weird crush on him since college) I just don’t think the experience would be the same without Bob Barker. I’m already married, so the dating shows are out. I have no desire to be a top model, fashion designer, top chef or a P. Diddy protege. My top pick right now? The Amazing Race. TTO and I would kick so much ass if given the opportunity.

27. Take better care of myself.
Doesn’t everybody need to? I should exercise more often, make better food choices, drink more water and get more sleep. I seem to stick with it for a week or two at most and then fall back into bad habits.

28. Fix our yard.
The people that lived in our house before us like to garden but they were terrible at it. We had all of these weird flower beds and big circles of dead grass where their above ground pool had been to contend with when we moved in. It’s gotten a lot better – we put in a deck, fixed some sod and cleared out a TON of junk – but I feel like we still have a long way to go.

29. Develop my resume and cover letter and start really applying for jobs I’m interested in.
I have a good job and a good boss(FINALLY), but it’s not terribly fulfilling.  It’s definitely not what I had in mind while working through those four years of college.  I need to really think about what I want to be when I grow up and start working more diligently toward it.

30. Let the people I care about really know how I feel.
I’m not always great at letting people know how much I care about them.  For a while now I’ve been making sure I say “I Love You” before I hang up the phone with TTO or my parents and my sister.  I need to extend this to the rest of my family and my friends.  I want to improve relationships and develop others.  I want to show myself and the people around me that I can be the type of wife/daughther(in-law)/godmother/niece/friend/grandaughter) I would want to have. 

Updated 11.21.07